So who’s favored next week? Lions or Jets

Kinda feel like it’ll be awfully close to a pick-‘em. Maybe the Jets by 1. I think the Lions are a better team but add in the 3 points for home field advantage—I get to Jets -1.


I know which team is covering the spread.

Hopefully the Jets are favored.

I was uncomfortable all week when the line came out with the Lions favored over the Vikings. My brain isn’t ready for folks outside our fanbase thinking the Lions are good yet. It seems abnormal and makes me nervous.


From what I can see, Jets are favored by 2.5, which, I think means a tossup?

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I saw we are favored by 1

I think we matchup well with their defense. The main thing they have going for them is both Sauce and Reed have been lockdown guys. But that’s not enough. Take away St and Chark and then we’ll kill you with Jamo, Swift, Reynolds, Raymond and so on.

Mike White scares me but he’s not going to be more surgical than Kirk and we still won the game.

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Home team gets 3 automatically, so 2.5 is a toss up

i see Jets -1

Bet against the Lions. Go ahead!


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