So who’s the next Josh Allen, Pat Mahomes, Justin Herbert?

Watching the Bills hand the Chiefs their ass tonight and it’s got me wondering who the next stud quarterbacks are and when can the Lions get one. These ‘modern’ young quarterbacks are of a caliber that we’ve (I’ve) not seen before and it seems like every year there are a few more. They keep getting better, smarter and more athletic. So, who are they and where are they coming from?

I would love to have Josh Allen. That said, if “a few more” come out every year, the entire league will have one within the next 10 years, so we have nothing to worry about. :wink:
I think they are very few and far between, and that there are far more Ryan Leafs than Payton Mannings. I just don’t see a QB like that as an easy thing to get.


Historically, Perdue.
Lately, Alabama.

So what we’re really saying here is Mike McMahon was just ahead of his time…

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