So who’s your new coach?

All of those who’s answer is to fire Campbell, who’s your new coach? Who you gonna hire that will magically turn this team around and keep people from getting injured?

Obviously there are a lot of guys here that are qualified to be GM. Who you gonna get?

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I see Campbell here for at least 2 more years.


Doesn’t matter no good coach wants this job. That’s why we end up with first time HC & GM’s.

All those guys that are yelling for him to be fired instead of more kneecaps gotta have someone in mind.

Nobody is getting fired unless they tank through Thanksgiving, and even then it probably doesnt happen.

They’ll just blame injuries.

Rod Wood

Campbell coached a good game. If Jamaal doesn’t fumble we’re likely up by 3 with 6:30 left.


So what do we have to do to get peyton? Hell it maybe dumb but im call Harbaugh

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They could literally rattle off any name and they couldn’t be any worse. Campbell is winning like 15% of his games. Patrica won 30%.

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He’s not going to be fired, if he were I’d choose Marvin Lewis so he can help Holmes with the roster-building, too.


Pdono nailed it. Campbell is going nowhere

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That loss was no way on Campbell!! We win that game if we hold on to the ball!!!


You keep saying this, but it’s bullshit. The previous play all Dan had to do was challenge it, period.


Don’t care. This is my last regime.


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and it still wouldn’t be a TD… Brock was short of a TD.

And what? Get half a yard closer?

I think Campbell has at least 1 more year after this one. 3 years is kind of the minimum unless he does something non-football to embarrass the Fords.


It’s absurdity. Some just hate Dan and are dying to grab onto something this week. I guess that not challenging for half a yard is it.

Meanwhile they totally ignore some basic tenets of a ground and pound running game. Tempo, momentum, etc. why give Dallas a TO for 1/2 a yard.

He gets at least through this time next year.

Look dan has what 4-18-1 record that says it all.

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