So Why Did Miami Trade Up to #6?

The short answer is to get in front of the Lions. It’s seems unlikely that they’ll trade out again, though who the hell knows after today? Who do they covet that they think we’d take?

insanity if they trade out and get more for the pick than they paid for it. Insanity this offseason, already.

I’m just hoping our bald dude is as good as everyone says. If he can draft 3rd rounders that outperform first rounders, and 7th rounders that outperform 5th rounders, we’re good to go.

Is Holmes our secret weapon?
If he is, I’d put some bonus clauses in his contract - tons of them! Keep that dude happy.

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Chase or the stud “TE”


Makes me think that the Dolphins are convinced a 4th QB is going at #4OA and then a OLT is going to Cincy at #5OA.

Maybe they want Parsons?

Or they just like both Chase and Smith enough that they are content with either guy… :man_shrugging:

Would be really CRAZY if they took Mac Jones at #6 to compete with Tua!

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I think it stands to reason the 4 QBs are going in the first 4 picks. I assume, and it’s just an assumption, the Bengals take OL to get Burrow some protection. That would mean #6 will be the spot where you can take whatever skill player you want in this draft. It makes sense to me because they could use some weapons.

My guess is actually the LOT. They just lived through what a prime LOT can bring and the value these guys have. I think they draft Sewell as they have Will Fuller locked down. Get your LOT to pair with your QB and they have a game changer in Fuller.

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Please tell me he can draft 1st and 2nd rounds too. This could be problematic if his 3rd Rd picks are outplaying his 1st Rd picks, :laughing:

The premier line position in Miami is ROT. Think about it.


The Dolphins did spend the #18 overall pick last year on a LOT. (Austin Jackson, USC)

And they didn’t guarantee themselves one of the Blue-chip O-linemen at #6. Sewell and Slater could go 4th and 5th. (not probable…but very possible)

And Will Fuller is only on a 1 year deal. He may not be a Dolphin in 2022.

The move back up to #6 by the Dolphins is for one of the 4 premiere pass catchers.

Chase, Waddle, Smith, Pitts. They guarantee themselves one of these guys.

My guess is that they want either Chase or Pitts. Which is fine by me.
I 'm going to go out on a limb and say Chase could be the next Michael Crabtree or Sammy Watkins. A can’t miss who missed.

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At this moment… this is true. Could it change?

Interesting part of the trade is that the Dolphins added a 1st round pick in 2023… so they still have the magic beans to trade for Deshaun Watson after the 2021 draft is completed.
With the legal issues he has at the moment… it seems unlikely Watson will be traded prior to the draft.

On the other hand… Philly could be in on the Watson trade chatter now since they have Hurts and multiple 1st round picks in 2022. Dolphins may not have given that 2022 pick to Philly if they really want Watson.

Sounds like they have 3 guys they like, and they collected some picks for moving back 3 places. I think they want OT/WR and Pitts. They are guaranteed to get one of them. If they traded up for Parsons…well, that’s just the Lions curse.

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Will be a run on QBs early and Miami has positioned themselves to collect a kings ransom for that pick with what may be the final QB with a early-mid 1st rd grade. I’m not sure what Philly was thinking making the trade official this far before the draft. I think they may have lost out on a lot of value by trading the pick now instead of holding onto it and seeing how the draft was lining up. But after the fiasco last season I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

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will be Josh Allen all over again

Well look at Miami’s needs. They need a WR and they need linebackers and/or edge rushers. Exactly what we need. Exactly what we want.

The other way to look at this too is that essentially Miami moved back from 3 to 6 for a first f-ing round pick next year and what a third rounder to boot. But our dumbass GM last year told us he couldn’t do the same for half of that.


Did you read my post about the lack of 1st round trades in 2020? Something was off.

They just cut KVN. The Patriot way (Flores) always looking for that LB with a particular set of skills. Can we just give him Tavai not to take Parsons.

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LOL - Not his own - other team’s

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