SOL this is NOT

Can we put those disgusting 3 letters to bed until proven otherwise?

Bad plays will happen, bad games will happen, but it doesn’t mean every time a bad play or bad game happens that it’s SOL. It makes the GDTs a hard read at times when every time something bad happens, this ugly phrase gets posted by multiple posters. Good thing the team doesn’t give up like some of the fans do. Lets try to embrace this team, they deserve our support even through the tough times even though the defense in particular can be frustrating to watch at times. They aren’t perfect and, yes, it’s probably a year too soon to be talking SB but they’ve come a long freaking way in a short amount of freaking time.

We’re 8-2. Lets ■■■■■■■ go!!!


This was as gutsy a win as you could ask for. On a day that clearly was not our day, we hung in there, toughed it out, and out gutted the other team. Ugly win but it counts just the same.

What an awesome win by an awesome team. The Detroit Lions are a winning team and they proved that today.


Yes, it needs to be buried.

I’m half tempted to censor it here, especially given how much of an asshole I made myself look earlier using it.


It’s cool Nate. We’re all fans and emotions can run high in the heat of the moment.
When it boils down to it, this is a good team that’s deserving of our support and we deserve this team after years/decades of pain. I just wish more Lions fans would put that SOL mentality behind and embrace this.

This was an ugly game no doubt but they persevered despite playing their D game and won an NFL game, that’s even more impressive than the good games they play in a way.


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End this thing

Keep in mind that a lot of Lion haters visit this board and they are wearing SOL t shirts during the game

As fans we should still try to be objective
But when they pull out a win like this you hsve to happy for the team despite the imperfections

8 and 2
Now forget this one and focus on the pack

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Watch the first couple minutes of this. Look at Goff.

You think this guy is happy just to pull within 5? Not a chance. You think he’s focused on anything but getting a win. Not a chance. Dude’s thinking: the job is FAR from done. Prepping for the next opportunity. Not even a WHIFF of SOL in his makeup.

Freakin’ LOVE that guy.

Offense and the defense BOTH sucked til the last few minutes. Three turnovers for the offense speaks for itself. But the defense gave up 25 first downs. Could not get off the field. Bears punted twice all game.

Throw in the fumble by CReynolds and this had the makings of an all-phases collapse.

Except the Lions WON.

Hope I can sleep tonight!


Nope. Definitely is not.

They played a terrible game and won. I don’t ever remember that in my lifetime.

First time 8-2 in 60 YEARS. Negativity is built in for many of us. Going to take some time to flush that out of our systems.


This is why I want him to stay.

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I still can’t believe what we seen the last 3mins of the game.


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Listen Goff had a rough day.

But his INTs were part him and some bad luck

1 INT - LaPorta was PI against or that is at least batted down
2 INT - ALl on Goff, he got jumped
3 INT - tipped ball Bad Luck

I mean this is football. He never lost focus and never checked out.

Oh and Jamo has a huge TD and after everyone is pissing on Hutch he closes the game out with a Strip-Sack-Safety…

While I can not deny the game was ugly. Unfortunately this team is still a work in process.


It was just a terrible game for Goff. Not sure what was up with that but he played like a bad rookie. Until the end. And the typical Lions defense. Unfortunately there, this is who they really are. They’re not that great.

Teams aren’t supposed to win when they turn the ball over 4 times.

It says something that The Lions can play so bad, and still win.

I hope they don’t play that bad again though.


Disagree. Only 1 of those INTs were Goff…listen this is the NFL and these things happen.
Hell was the pick 6 that Branch have against MaHomes…Mahomes fault? This is how the ball bounces.

Only 1 of those wasn’t his fault, the pick play. And they dropped another pick 6 he threw. Guy was terrible except for the final 2 minutes. Very Stafford like.

All said and done, the Lions somehow winning this game, is what the good/great teams do…many ppl just not used to it. How many years did we see Erin and GB play like ass against us, but then somehow win in the end? Too many times…

This is kind of a culture shock win…the Bears were the Lions of past today: they pretty much outplayed us and dominated, yet we pulled that shit out and won somehow. It’s what good teams do. Most Lions fans dont know what to do with their hands after this one.

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8 and 2 followed by 8 and 2.

16 wins in the last 20.

I gotta be dreaming right.


Disagree only 1 was his fault.
The first was a PI on Laporta and the 3rd was a tipped ball.
Only the 2nd was Goff