Some More Koolaid!


I love Chris “I’m just listing names” bc he literally is just listing names. And it’s clear he doesn’t watch a lot of St. brown. “He only missed one game”……he got knocked out of the cowboy game and was severely hampered by that ankle injury……


Make sure you vote for Saint for the Pro Bowl. He’s not getting enough love! 2023 Pro Bowl Games Vote |


Until they take the vote out of the hands of fans and put it in the hands of coaches, the Lions will always come up short…

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Loved the Eisen segment.

Do the Lions have a concept of getting too giddy only to be soul-crushed superstitiously because of that overconfidence?

The Cal Bears fans have a concept of Woofing and if you woof too much for your team, it results in a superstitious loss.

The whole Lions at 5-7 being favored over a 10-2 Vikings team (yes I do think the lions are better right now) reeks of woofing and I feel the need to slap down some of this koolaid drinking only for superstitious reasons.

I’m ready to bet $100 on the vikings to win just so that I lose my $100 but if the pain and suffering comes, at least I’ll get $100 back.

Send me a link to a place where I can make that bet and I’ll place my money where my mouth is.

Oh but I must say I love when the other team is woofing. Thinking of this as a t-shirt and hat game where they clinch the division.

I’ll say one thing: the Vikings are thee luckiest team I’ve seen this year. Not saying they aren’t decent, but man have they had everything go right for them.

I have at least three games where I honestly think the other team should have probably won. Bills, Lions 1st game, and did anybody watch the Jets/Vikings last week? How the Jets lost that game I’ll never understand.

None of this means the Vikings can’t win, to be clear. I hope we come out swinging and bury them.


A win is a win, so I give them credit. But that is a flawed team IMO

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The Vikings plan is to prepare the team for situational football. That’s how they believed they would win before the season and that’s exactly what they’re doing. It’s not “luck”. Similar to “Caldwell ball” in Detroit. Only reason Vikings have a better record than Lions under Caldwell is because of the play of Kirk Cousins.

Sounds like a load of crap but hats off to pulling off close games. Take those Ws anyway you can get 'em.

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There are the rare exceptions, e.g. Jonah Jackson, but for the most part, that’s true.

Not sure what you’re trying to say here.

When Jim Caldwell coached the Lions, the Lions won 5 and the Vikings won 3.


hmmmmm really never had that problem *

Very fair…but we’ve been so horrible for so so so long it’s hard to imagine that overconfidence is even a thing for us

Turns out Wolf is a ladies man!!! Tim Meadows is proud!