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Here’s one last look at some key numbers, good and bad, from the Lions’ Week 4 performance:

14: The number of takeaways generated by the Lions all of last year. After four games this season, Detroit already has eight. Only New England (10), Pittsburgh (9) and Tampa Bay (9) have more. Denver is the only NFL team without a takeaway this year.

This is good. More please.

26: Carries for running back Kerryon Johnson vs. Kansas City, which was a career high. He turned that into the third 100-yard performance of his career with 125 yards on the ground. Johnson has carried the ball at least 20 times twice in his career, both of them coming the last two weeks.

I think they’re using him too much. Afraid he won’t last thru the season at this rate.

1,004: The total rushing yards Johnson is on pace for after rushing for 251 yards the first four games of the season.

8: Detroit currently has the eighth ranked offense in football, averaging 387.5 yards per game. The Lions rank in the top 10 in total offense, passing (10th), rushing (10th) and points scored (10th).

Real good. I doubt many of us thought the offense would be this good at this point in the season.

29: The Lions’ defense ranks 29th overall, allowing 405.5 yards per game. Detroit’s defense is 23rd against the run, 26th against the pass and 20th in points allowed.

Not so good. The DL has underperformed IMHO, hopefully they’ll kick it up a notch, especially when they get Daniels, Hand, and Bryant back.


Right now, not having that Dline rotation available is really hurting us.


i personally really like these three “10” numbers… that’s a really nice balance and if you can combine it with a good defense it can make for a very solid team.


I agree with the Dline injuries and conditioning hurting the defensive stats.
We faced some good offenses as well

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All true. Couple that with the fact that we have 6 games coming up in the division. That’ll help our defensive #s, especially against Chicago.

Linebacker play. It needs to be better. Looking at you, Davis. Tavai has had some good early games, but I don’t remember his name being called against KC.

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I think yards is the dumbest way to rank a defense…they’re job it to not let the other team score. I measure defense by Points/Game and Detroit is 20th at 23.8. Given we just faced three playoff teams from last year, I’d say they’re doing pretty well… Especially considering that they’re missing some players.


I measure a defense’s rankings should be determined by two stats. 3rd down percentage and scoring. The Lions give up a lot of yards. But teams don’t score a lot against them. But as @Guitargod19 said: We have played 3 teams that were playoff teams last year. Yet, we’ve come out better than expected.


And we are lumped with six teams all allowing 23.0 points… one of them is KC…

We are doing fine and just need to stay consistent and get even better!

Frankly, I think the Lions defense is going to get better as the season progresses. I believe the only 2 teams on their schedule that are in the top 10 scoring are Tampa and Dallas, and both games are in Detroit. IMHO it comes down to the DL, with Hand and Daniel coming back plus Bryant coming off the IR, this defense is going to surge over the back half just like they did last year.

The GB game looms very large, take that one and then beat Minn in Detroit the week, and things do start to look good.


I love the swagger the players are beginning to develope. Stafford’s post game was very upbeat, yet, realistic.
“This is a good team.”
“I absolutely love being in the huddle with these guys.”
I should have posted the video. I haven’t seen it on here. Brb