Some stats for you to either take solace in Lions fans, or use to your advantage, Mr. Holmes

So here is a blind resume culled from Pro-Football Reference of 2 quarterbacks first four full seasons behind center, before they were jettisoned by their old team:

58 30-28-0 1125 1809 62.2 12348 80 53

Games W-L Comps Attempts Comp. % Yards TDS INT

62 42-20-0 1424 2216 64.2 17082 102 48

The guy on the bottom, our very own Jared Goff. The guy on the top? Drew Brees.

So, take solace that a guy who is physically more gifted and had better numbers with his first team overall in most all major qb categories than a 1st ballot hall of famer is now our quarterback moving forward.

OR, take this information, Mr. Holmes, and use it to convince another qb hungry team looking for that final piece to go ahead and throw a couple of high draft picks our way for the next Drew Brees. Hey, maybe the Dolphins don’t want to miss out this time. :wink:

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Brees signed as a FA.

For some reason, in my mind it was a sign and trade thing. But, I will fix the semantical issue in the OP.

Everyone complained that after 12 years we knew exactly what we had in Stafford and what he brought to the table.

If you contrast this to Goff, he is still young and there is a chance he could reestablish himself into the Probowl, playoff winning QB he has previously been.

I think Holmes knows Goff better then anyone here does and perhaps he knows that McVay was trying to put a square peg in a round hole and what Goff may need to be successful again.


Brees went as a FA. It’s not quite fair to say he was jettisoned, Brees tore his shoulder and there was very real concern he would never play or regain arm strength. San Diego had already drafted Rivers and it became a no brainer to walk away from him.

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I like this stat, too:

Jared Goff, in his first five seasons, has 42 wins as a starter.

No other QB in the NFL except Tom Brady has more over the past five seasons.

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Well season 6 isn’t going to help those numbers, lol


Jared Goff has won 2 division titles.

Jared Goff has won 3 playoff games.

Jared Goff is 13-17 against teams with a winning record.

Jared Goff outgunned Patrick Mahomes in the epic 54-51 win over the Chiefs in 2018.

Jared Goff is 4-2 in regular season meetings with the Packers, Vikings and Bears.

Jared Goff is 26. When Stafford was 26 his play had fallen sharply too, and it needed a coaching change to get back on track.

Jared Goff, if he’s motivated, could still be a very good QB in this league.

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Yep, but now he’s a lion


I have thought about the Brees situation comparison a number of times and I posted a few of those thoughts in this forum.

Brees AND LaDainian Tomlinson were both drafted by the Chargers in 2001 meaning Drew had LT all his years in San Diego. Interesting.

No reason to trade Goff at this point and create another hole. Goff is a more successful Drew Brees at this point but none of us know if it possible that Goff might make the same leap. We don’t have Sean Payton.

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He had no choice. We choose to submit ourselves to it.

Oh not blaming Goff at all. Responded to Goff’s record with the Rams. It won’t and wouldn’t have been near that as a lion the past 5 yrs or next yr

Let’s break this down in a little different way. Let’s take this successful QB Jared Goff and take a trip down memory lane.

  • I imagine a 12 yr old Jared Goff as a superior athlete who is bigger, faster, and stronger than most of the other kids around him. He’s a future #1 overall pick in the NFL. I don’t know the details of Goff’s youth. But would it not be safe to assume that he enjoyed a lot of success in his youth playing sports.

  • I imagine a high school star QB setting school records and going 39-4 while taking his team to a state championship game in California. Goff was on a pedestal in High School, a star Athlete in California.

  • I Imagine Goff going to Cal and becoming the first Freshman to start in school history and going on to break 26 school records. A star in California. The success continues for the young man.

  • I imagine Goff getting drafted #1 overall to his home state L.A. Rams, ahead of a lot of other good QB’s. Becoming a Pro Bowl QB and playing in a Super Bowl and signing a $100 million contract all before he was 25 years old. A ton of success! All Goff has know for the last 10 years was winning and being a star in the state of California.

Then boom!

You’re team is losing…
You’re getting benched to John Wolford…
You’re coach and G.M. are trashing you in the national media…
And then you get traded to a perennial losing franchise, the Detroit Lions

How the mighty have fallen. How will Goff react to this dethroning?

Will he have the infamous Tom Brady drive kick in? That mountain sized chip on the shoulder that Brady so famously carries.

I don’t know Jared Goff’s temperament, or his inner drive and self motivation. But the circumstances he has faced over the last year could be a substantial amount of motivational fuel to burn a giant fire in Jared Goff.


Actually he was pretty bad until he slipped on the ball, fell down and messed up ligaments in his elbow which then gave him ridiculous arm strength. Wait, maybe I’m thinking of something else.


Coming to the Lions will be like going to Cal for him. While he had individual success, his teams went 1-11, 5-7, and 8-5. Not quite the path Trevor Lawrence took. Until now with the Jags.


Personally I think TD to INT ratio and completion percentage are the biggest judgement of a QB.

Ratio indicates decision making, and not forcing the issue.

Completion percentage (we can handicap drops) indicates well ability.

Stafford is the better QB, I won’t debate that. Based on these metrics how much better is he? Not going to get into percentage of deep passes and all that as that will bring down percentage.

Essentially, is Stafford a first round pick better than Goff? That’s the question.

Two first round picks

True true, and a 3rd. That essentially answers the question.

Let’s be real, this team is no worse off the next 2 years with Goff (we will not be good either way in the end). But we are 3 picks richer.

I love Stafford and everything he has done for this city and team. In 2 years we will know exactly where this deal is, and I think we’ll like it even more.

Can’t emphasize enough we received all this for a player drafted 12 years ago. Even if Stafford had won a SB with us, this compensation is still insane.

I really do think it’s a win-win. When the music stops the Rams we’re already going to be in a bad spot. This gets them probably 3-4 more years of going for it. We get a real nice window of potential starting in 2-3 years.


That’s exactly it Husker.

With Stafford or Goff the realistic expectations of this team 3-4 years from now are the same, except we maximized capital from Stafford now.

We hang on to Stafford for 3-4 years and suck then cut bait. Instead, we can either have Goff as a re/established above average QB or we cut bait and have high picks and extra capital.

I literally see no downside here, and I’m not sure why people are so stuck on Goff and the capital. Realistically he’s at worst an 20-30% drop off, but during a rebuild is that bad?

I am fine without a QB and rolling with Goff to allow draft picks to build the team.