Someone at my work tested positive for Corona

It was only a matter of time, I guess.

I am sorry to her that Snags. But yes, we are learning so much about this virus. Unfortunately it’s not fast enough.

I will keep you and your family in my prayers!

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Thanks Okla but I’m not really worried about it. She wasn’t feeling well and missed all last week, got tested Thursday and the results came back today.
They’ve got cleaning crews coming in tonight to clean before any of the workers can get in the building.

And if I get it, I get it. I’m being smart and taking the proper precautions but I’m not all that concerned about getting it.


You know any of her backstory, like where she might have gotten it?

Not yet, I just got an email saying she was confirmed.

Shit man. Hope you don’t get it.

I was traveling for business the week before last. One woman that I met with on 5 occasions ended up reporting on Monday that she had it and was sick. I was counting the days after I left their facility and flew on two planes to get home a week prior to last Thursday. By the time a week had passed I was pretty confident I was not having it. It has now been 10 days since I saw her and traveled on a plane so I am feeling I dodged it.


Let’s just remember…Getting it is not a death sentence. But passing it to someone else COULD very well be…take care of one another.


Exactly. 100% :+1:


It’s nice to see the sane reactions here. I wish we could transport that outside of this forum into the broader public.


I hope everyone gets it asap and that most are asymptomatic… Get it over with


Believe the reality is most of us will be exposed to it at some point if not already. Hope everyone gets through it safely.


First thought: Stay safe Snags, be diligent with hand washing and face touching. Take this very serious.

Second thought: (hmmmm, I would’ve thought Strip Clubs would have been a higher priority for testing? You and your co-workers be safe Snags)


UP started testing in a few places 3-5 days ago. Still waiting for results from a few, some came back negative. But I’m sure there are several that have it here or did have it, same with any location that none have been confirmed yet. As well as places with hundreds/thousands of confirmed cases, they likely have thousands more not confirmed. I also believe several thousand had it already had it before the 1st case in the US was confirmed


I have a friend in Sault Ste. Marie I spoke to recently and he saying that not much going on up there. His wife is PA for the veterans up there and same there. Pretty quiet. Let’s keep it that way.

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Hope all goes well & you and the family stay virus free.

It would not nearly be as much fun to piss and back and forth with you, knowing you were compromised health wise. :wink:

4 people in my office building tested positive about a week ago (my firm has been closed ever since). It’s likely going to hit close to many of us sadly especially me living in NYC. I bet the numbers will be over a million perhaps in New York city alone before this thing starts to subside.

Stay safe all and please for the love of God don’t be one of those stupid people who hang around large gatherings and take all the proper precautions because we’re all in this together.

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Will be praying for you and your fellow New Yorkers!! I know NY has been very hard. Many people here in Oklahoma are praying for you all. Radio stations here are having set time everyday for prayer for this whole issue for everyone everywhere. However praying for those hardest hit as well.

Be vigilant! And God speed!!


New York need all the help,we reached 1000

We are allowed to work from home for few weeks . If I get forced I wlll resign and might move on with the savings , hope this make a difference to the world and people to be more kind to each other , especially help more poor countries like Africa where people struggle for basic needs . No more money for weapons , all should be spend for bAsic needs and research

I hope no one else contacted is infected.
Someone at my grandson’s work tested positive as well.
We need to do the hygiene stuff and try our best to avoid close contact.
May God bless us all.