Sorry for your Luck Joe!

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Being something of a statistics minded person, this graphic clearly shows Joe has a 1 in 16 chance of being murdered by his mistress. Always choose professionals, buddy. Pro Tip. Ask Michael Irvin.

He also has a 1 in 16 chance of becoming a guy that no one would possibly know if you were a NFL starting QB, let alone AFC Champion, except maybe your mom.

Really, none of us could have pulled Stan Humphries out of our butts in a trivia contest, right?
Neil O’Donnell? Probably


I think we just happened across the real reason we can’t keep Goff! We know he’s not going back, so we don’t need to try it. :thinking:


I still racking my brain to remember Chris Chandler!

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I thought it was always the Ex’s new boyfriend?

No active QB has more Super Bowl rings than Jimmy G:



And here I thought Joe Kapp was a one and done. Learn something new every day.

Chandler is a great trivia question. I couldn’t have ever guessed!
Was he their starter all year?

That’s another trivia question!

Actually, I think Bledsoe did go back, and won as Brady’s backup in his 1st title.

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