Sorry guys, all these injuries are on me

Broke my more than decade-old promise last week to never spend a dollar on any Lions gear until they put something on the field that was actually worth watching. Got a little over my skis (spent $11 on a Lions hat), should have seen this coming. Sincere apologies, I will try to #dobetter.


Me, too. I told myself it was okay because it was for Charity…JG16 Detroit 313 Grit hat.
Sorry, everyone.

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My only Lions swag I have purchased is the t-shirt that is my avatar. When I bought that bad-boy, I hadn’t even heard of Joey Harrington.

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Dave Ramsey No GIF by Ramsey Solutions
At least it was from Meijer, right?

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I do occasionally leave the Meijer parking lot! (This time I ordered from the Lions website. From my car. In the Meijer parking lot.)

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I too, bought a new Lion hat for the KC game. But we won that one, can’t blame me.

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So that was why the spread went down to -4.5 before the game…

Way to go REM… :joy:

This is funny because I am the same way as you are. I don’t spend money on Lions gear. All my Lions gear has been gifted.

Got a Lions Tshirt for my birthday this year and rocked it on a Thursday morning flight right before the KC game. Never felt prouder. Got tons of looks at the airport for sporting it (I don’t live in Michigan). My faith was vindicated that night…

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We love ya, bro.

Not on you. Little goofy luck in conjunction with some learning curve for a young team.

We’re growing and getting better as a squad.

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I also made that same promise and then went and purchased Sunday Ticket. it’s not all on you.

We knew better.

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Time to burn the hat.

Time to burn REM.

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