Sorry VIP folks

Just saw ads are showing up for some of you. Yes, I broke something. Working on a fix now.


OK, remedied. I think. If any of you VIP folk are still seeing ads, please drop me a message.

Just this…This page has been blocked by an extension

Well, shit.:rofl:
Hey, look! Nate’s a Detroit fan, again.

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Screenshot and send


Hmm, the rest isn’t coming up, just a blank page with a sheet that has an unhappy face. This could be caused by my own ad blocker though.

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Can’t replicate so I’m guessing it’s on your end?

Guess so, not seeing any ad’s just the blank spots where they reside.

Are you VIP @1CasanovaJack ?

If so @Nate needs to fix your moniker.

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I fixed it, I removed it, on purpose.

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Didn’t know that could be done. Just did it myself. Thanks for the tip. Now Demon Weasels ears can be seen again

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