I rewatched the game watching offensive and defensive lines. Except for holding call he played a really good game. I think jackson is gone


Noticed the same thing all game. He held his own.

If it’s a choice between JJ and Glasgow, we have to keep Glasgow, don’t we?
Sorsdal is the real deal.
Now, it’s BroMarts turn to show out.


I’m really curious what Jonah’s market is. I’m not sure I’d give him more than 10mil AAV. He is a solid player who has dealt with injuries for a couple years now.

I’d rather give Glasgow a Three years 18mil deal and get competition for Sorsdal via the draft.


In a perfect world, I’d like to keep the band together. I’m just not sure it’s possible, and Jonah’s recent injuries are worrisome.
It’s almost Swiftlike, except, Jonah takes coaching better when he does play.

Thing with Jonah is he is very effective at run blocking. It will be interesting to see if Sorsdal can move and block on the run like JJ.


Decker is getting up there.
Jackson a FA.
Ragnow has been having a number of injuries.
Revolving door at RG.

I think we need to be looking to add a guy on the O-line in our top 3-4 picks every year for the next few. We built this team on o-line strength and we need to keep that going.



I’d rather keep CJDJ than JJ…Sorsdal is playing well and will improve w/ a year of strength and conditioning…CJDJ has been online trolling Fields and talking how bad he wants to be back. We need that kinda guy on our D. NO one else comes close to that energy.

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He gave up several pressures that definitely affected Goff… Goff should have been fine but he was a tick slow today.

Still not bad for a rookie, I think Goff was just thrown off getting pressure he’s not used to.

Yes and yes. Good O-line pays off everywhere else … QB, RB, and time of possession helps the defense. Make that investment.

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