Sounds like Amendola is going to team up with Brady

Brady has stayed close with former New England Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola, who also will be a free agent this offseason. Brady could try to bring along Amendola to his next destination, and that could include both players returning to New England, a source with knowledge of the situation told

Another hole. Another player who is searching for greener pastures.


Some twitter dipshit says it would be cool if…And He’s Gone!


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He’s a pats beat writer

OK. Valenti, Monarrez, Parker and Sharp have pretty much exploded any credibility media guys have for me.

They could have kept Danny last year and didn’t. Edelman plays Danny’s position. Sanu also is better as a slot.

Eyeball grab by media whore, chapter 5,965,321,210


Don’t be surprised if Danny enjoys a reunion with Brady next year …Or Amendola could ? Okay I wont be surprised and maybe he won’t . These reporters that say “He could” or “Possibly” have absolutely squat and nothing to back up these opinions …a gut feeling…

Him joining Brady would have more to do with the relationship with Brady .

Patricia and the Lions should be looking for better and younger anyway .

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Who cares? Amendola was a good cheap signing, we can make another one to replace him.

Amendola is a VERY nice player and he makes quality plays, he is not some halfass like we typically wind up with. SO that means your going to have to land a beast WR to have better-than Danny while playing “here”. Matt is quite comfortable throwing to Amen.

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I could win the lottery too!! Yah!!


Yea, this post is really reaching for a reason to bash the Lions


Not so much Cub …Danny is far from a beast , never has been one himself . Age is catching up and he struggled to get separation often. He is a 4 catch per game target 40 yards per game receiver . Is not close to an elite talent , he is replaceable.


“ignored content,” brother. Best way to avoid the drama


the guy played here ONE season and we got almost 700 yards out of him, that is considering we are running more, and he’s splitting receiving duties between RB’s, TE’s , and the other WR’s . I’d say that’s impressive. keep in mind Stafford didn’t play a full season so, DA wasn’t targeted as much as ‘he would have been’ but we used the back up QB’s in Driskel and whatever his name is.

my point is you get rid of Amendola now , and the next guy has to match 680/700 yards HIS first season. or he wasn’t some BIG upgrade from Amendola.

Again… Cub yards are not the point here .
DA got his 670+ yards on nearly 100 targets , he is a high volume rec, a possession rec, chain mover, who is no threat to break a long one and only had 63% completion percentage.
You will be hard pressed to find a rec that can not match those numbers and catch rate when targeted 100 times . Danny’s best days are behind him

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Dude stop the bullshit, what Danny does that u are not getting and the one thing the stats don’t show you, he like Tate is guy that gets open when u need him most. He’s that safety valve that comes up at clutch times. Not big catches but dame sure important ones.


What I’m not getting ??? Hahahaha GTFO

Danny was at his worst when we needed him most , struggled to get separation etc .

Danny with us on 3rd down was a 55%catch rate WR …he converted 14 ,1st downs on 30 targets .

Bull shit? Wake up and smell father time Tcmouse …This is Danny Amendola year 11 going on year 12 . If we have to lose any of our starting 3 WR"s he should be the first to go.

Maybe your problem is with out a stat sheet or a newspaper u don’t know what you are watching. When we lost Tate he was gonna be replaced by Powell and just anyone and that didn’t work out well.
Amadlola came and was that safety valve again. I don’t give a shit what your stat tells u. Your wrong and him or Tate can not be replaced by just anyone. To suggest such Bullshit is just New York like.
You always act like your so much smarter then everyone here and how dare some question your opinion. But with out some bullshit stat you seem lost. Maybe you should watch in stead of reading.

Put the stat sheet down says the guy who can’t back up his take and vomits his opinion as if it’s Law

…You see something in a player you like , or disagree with my take ? Back that shit up with something other than (I know a good football player when I see one) and in the same breath tell me I’m spewing bullshit? You can’t hang with me… don’t try
Don’t come stupid at me telling me to stop the bullshit when you have nothing for me. Yes I’m smarter than you, deal with it.
I have my opinion and backed it up with stats. The bullshit spills from you . Danny is not Tate and Tate could not be replaced by him or just anyone . Anyone who said such a thing is a moron .
Feel free to question my opinion but when you do it like an asshole expect it back in return. That much I can promise you .LOLS

U think your smarter , but you are full of shit . Anyone that thinks a stat tells everything is no smart then the paper there looking at. You are a arrogant hole aways thinking he’s the smartest guy in the room. Witch is more bullshit. What did your stats prove , I mean for it to mean anything you would have to compare it to all the other # 3 wrs in the league. And it is my opinion that with out your stat sheet you don’t know shit. Deal with that you arrogant —.

Some people try way too hard.

You always know who the smart guys are, there the ones that goes on the internet and tells people “I’m smarter then you”. Lols. Good griff