Sounds like Romeo Okwara will be out until mid-season

Romeo Okwara should join Hutchinson, Charles Harris and rookie second-round pick Josh Paschal in the defensive end rotation this season, but Wash indicated that might not happen until later in the fall.

“We’re excited about where we’re at with that depth and obviously we’ll get Romeo back midway through,” Wash said Monday.

Asked to clarify whether that meant Okwara, who is rehabbing from a ruptured Achilles tendon, would not be back until the middle of the season, Wash said he’s “not sure” and “whenever he gets back we’ll put him in there and we’ll see what happens.”

Beyond the obvious (upgrading talent, moving on from Trey Flowers, etc.), this explains in part why the Lions invested so many resources in the edge positions.


what did they say about Hutch?

Truthfully, I confuse the Okwara brothers. LOL. Hoping he’s not the really good one.

Romeo - older brother, FA from Giants, had one great year for us, signed a big contract and of course tore an achilles, looks like he’s still recovering
Julian - younger bro, 3rd rounder, waiting for him to blossom, good edge rusher, a bit more one dimensional. Needs to show up this year, not injured.

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It would be great to get Romeo back mid season, I just hope he recovers well from the achilles tear. Okudah is clearly ahead of him in his recovery from the same injury. But, everyone is different and it’s a brutal injury.

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This is where it helps to have guys that can play multiple positions. Brockers can slide outside and so could onwuzurike a bit in some packages. You also still have Bryant and Julian okwara. I’m betting he starts on the pup list with Williams.

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Thanks, man!

As long as injuries don’t set it too early we can weather the storm. Harris, Hutchinson, Julian, and Paschal is still a solid group. If Romeo can come back around mid-season he could start rounding into form come December when we should be playing some meaningful games.


There is a chance we could add a solid DE and an electric WR (J-Mo), late October/Early November. That would be a huge boost to the team. The key will be keeping our record around .500 before they return and then who knows.


It also opens the door for Houston a little bit.


Paschal get’s some trial by fire too. Same w/Houston. Houston may not otherwise have made the roster.

I see Harris as the front runner, based on last year’s performances…so far. :wink:

I really don’t see him making the roster. He is making a huge jump from where he played college ball and I don’t see him being one of our best 53 players by opening day. Maybe they try to stash him on IR.

He has great developmental traits though so maybe they don’t want to risk losing him. It may come down to him or Jarad Davis as I see them playing similar roles.

We could have 4 or 5 o PUP an its not 6 weeks anymore its 4 weeks

I also thin we are allowed to have 4 like vet time guys on PS

Not 100% sure PS but 4 weeks for PUP is right

I have us having 4 maybe 5 on pup an still having sound 53
Mitchell, James
Paschal, Josh
Okwara, Romeo
Williams, Jamaal
AJ Parker

This not all bad to make sure they are 100% before coming back It also allows us to look at few guys regular games.
Benson, see what he does this season
Cominsky, Big DE an was claimed early this year by 6 other teams so could be traded or earns a spot
Taylor, Could keep spot backup DT or show what he can do.
Lucas or a bubble CB will get a chance while make sure Parker heals
Other players trying could get selected or it opens up also for a claim on cuts from other teams

I just feel depth is better than in past so you let them heal good an same time get real game look at bubble players

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I think Houston make it an is a fit they want plays same a Julian.

At times they will play as edge LB rusher an other times a Sam LB looking to set edge or handle rusher. Julian is better at coverage or rushing an Huston is better against Run an rushing QB

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They’re gonna be used in different ways. I still think on 3rd and long Paschal is gonna move inside next to Levi or Cornell and a combination of Hutch, Harris, J Okwara, and Houston on the edge.

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Keep in mind that Houston has been working as a SAM, but also has been working with the Dline with his hand in the dirt. I don’t know it’s gonna be a battle, but if Okwara really won’t be coming in till midseason I’m guessing they’ll keep the guy that they view has the most versatility.

A huge jump from Florida?

I’d rather not see this, might be in trouble if he’s lining up outside

@FreebirdPartDeux i am curious what that article had to say about Hutch. Can you share?

I think that’s wishful thinking. Both guys will likely miss the first 4 games or more. To be honest it wouldn’t shock me if the two contribute very little this year.

He played college ball at Jackson State last year. He clearly was not nearly as successful at Florida. As a 6th round pick from a small school, it will be a big transition to the NFL.

As I mentioned I love his traits, but they are developmental.