Source: Bears cut top CB Fuller, free up $14M

… interesting …

Making room for Golladay?

They can have him and his broke ass hip. Sign Fuller and watch him shut down Golladay when they play.


More like making room for the Allen Robinson tag.


Those of you who seemed confused as to what “rebuilding” looks like, well…

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Lion’s please sign Fuller.

I thought the tag counted against the salary cap the minute you issued it?

Would be interesting now if they sign golladay

Could be off here, but doesn’t the player have to sign off on it for the $ to count?
If that is the case, Robinson hasn’t signed off yet, and is in no rush to.

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You might be right but they are barely below now at $179, 741, 694.

He’s showing as their top paid guy already on Spotrac.

Allen Robinson WR $17,880,000 - - - - - - - $17,880,000 9.40
Robert Quinn OLB $11,500,000 $3,100,000 - - $100,000 - - ($23,900,000) $14,700,000 7.73
Khalil Mack OLB $1,075,000 $6,800,000 $200,000 - - $5,794,200 - ($38,446,000) $13,869,200 7.29
Akiem Hicks DT $10,400,000 $1,500,000 - - $100,000 - - ($1,500,000) $12,000,000 6.31

Makes sense!
Learn somethin new everyday

No money. Would love to get him though

Theres that Fuller $
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So Bears showing interest in Golladay more to scare Robinson to accept franchise tag?

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Either that or they deal him :man_shrugging: who knows.

Golladaay visit or not he should have signed it and waited till next year. Highly doubt he would have made more this year then he will on tag

Now hicks has permission to seek a trade?

Maybe they are clearing cap to add golladay as well.

Feels like they are shifting away from a great defense/shit offense in hopes of having more balance across both units

Fuller has been a scrappy pain in the ass. Glad he’s gone.

Hicks is one of my favorite non-Lions. Hard to admit considering he’s a Bear.

His abilities on the field coupled with his personality, intelligence and ability to communicate make him a logical choice as a future coach or future commentator.

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