Source: Bell plans to join Jets for 4 years, $52.5M

You know, until he backs out.

Talk about gambling on yourself and losing.

He got $35 million guaranteed. The Steelers were going to keep putting him on the tag until he was too old and beat up to get a big multi-year contract. I know there were rumors that they offered him a huge contract, but I haven’t seen that confirmed by anyone beyond the anonymous sources.

Eh, depends on how you look at it.

More information is trickling out about the deal. It sounds like the set in stone as long as he doesn’t violate the contract amount is around $28 million. He sacrificed $14 million by sitting 2018 out and received at least twice as much with the long term deal. The trade off is that he lost a big money year while he was in his prime. Ideally he would have played well on the tag last year, and then still gotten a deal like his current one. Bell wanted security though over the potential extra money. He got what he wanted in that sense. The Steelers didn’t want to tie up a huge chunk of their cap in Bell, so they let the Jets roll the dice on him instead.

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