Source: Falcons open to trading No. 4 draft pick

I’m guessing they’re having a hard time finding buyers if they’re busy leaking to ESPN …

Who could have seen that coming? Other than the enormous cap space that Matt Ryan consumes. $40 million back-up QB for 2 years? Yes, please…

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Yep. Reminds me of us leaking out last year we were open to trading the #3.

Basically it means that it won’t happen and all top 10 trades are pretty much done.

Innnnteresting…Nobody wants it, or they’re just asking way too much?
…Everybody wants #7, instead!

If SF actually takes Mac Jones, Schefter says he’d be shocked if they didn’t, that means Justin Fields could still be in play at 4, and I think teams would definitely trade up to get him.

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Hopefully they are willing to trade up to 7OA to get him because I think the odds are he will still be available at 7OA if SF passes.

Think about this…

Ryan either gets paid 40M next year to play somewhere else on Falcons cap, or 41M to play for them.

Like Goff, with his guarantee absorbed by Atlanta, his remaining year cap hits are reasonable enough to trade for.

2022 falcons get 1 and 4 for Matt Ryan from New England. Falcons spend 40M on Ryan and 5M on Fields. It’s only 4M more than just keeping Ryan.

They get Pats #1 pick and a 4th to get players to replace the player they would take this year at #4

Pitts and Ryan

Fields and say #21 pick next year at TE