Source: Multiple teams eye Cards CB Peterson

One wonders if we’re among them …

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this would be nice for the right price. It wouldn’t quite make up for the deal we ‘almost’ got done for him when he was drafted, but it still would be nice.


It would feel like one of those moves in which the Lions are “going for it.” Same with a move for Leonard Williams.

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Nothing more then a 3rd rounder. But I still think we need a edge rusher more.


Our secondary is strong, I’d be upset if we traded for a CB instead of a pass rusher


Especially after today’s results I bet heavily on the Eagles being amongst the teams inquiring about him and they’re likely willing to pay more because of their dire situation in the secondary.

Lions still dont know if they are buyers.

Win the next two, anything is possible for the NFCN.

Lose the next two, could start looking like a low teens pick. In the 3rd round still A LOT of talent there. Cant be giving away a 3rd round pick for a 1 year rental and go 6-9-1.

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Our scheme is built on coverage sacks. Don’t forget Slay, Melvin, and Amari are banged up. If Slay or Melvin miss any time a strength quickly turns into an Achilles heel. If we lose our ability to cover, our defense is toast.

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He wants nothing more than to stay there. The zona fans want him to stay. The team had said they have no intentions to move him (famous last words before most every trade). I hope for his sake he gets to finish it out there.
Would WAY rather see us get help to get tho the QB. We blitz 9.1% of the time, last in football and disrupt the qb the LEAST in football.

They’ve both already missed time and coverage has still been good. I’m not gonna trade a 2nd or 3rd rounder for PP to put one of our current starters on the bench when they’re playing well. I’d rather allocate resources elsewhere.

Resource allocation has to be aligned with team philosophy. Within our scheme it doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of cap or draft resources on a 1-dimensional pass rusher. We look for strong, big bodied EDGE guys to keep contain and push the pocket—a skill set that can be had for a much more reasonable price.

On the other hand, the defense thrives with an abundance of rangy cover guys in the back end. Think back to MP’s days in NE. At one point he had Revis, Stephon Gilmore, and Malcolm Butler in the same secondary.

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Very good point, I like our secondary this year. But, CB’s go down very quickly. PP’s influence on AO would also be huge. If it were anyone but PP, I’d say no, but he is special. Much rather it be a third than a second, though.

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Is that why Quinn hasn’t drafted a man corner before round 5 in 4 years? I understand the scheme fine, but I see a strength at DB and a weakness at pass rusher. Did Quinn trade for a CB last year? No, we were bad against the run so he went and got Snacks. I’d do the same, acquire a piece at the deadline that addresses a weakness, not a strength.


Last year we were still building. This year we are trying to make a run.

You make a fair point about drafting corners but Slay is getting paid large. Coleman is the top paid nickel. Diggs is well paid. Safeties Tracy Walker and Will Harris required us to trade up to picks 83 and 81 respectively. We have and will continue to put an emphasis on our back end—through scheme and resources.

How many slippery 1 dimensional pass rushers have we paid or drafted? That’s not an oversight—if we wanted one we would have one by now.

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The Lions have been interested in finding another shut down corner. Which makes me wonder about the future of Slay or if Matt P. wants another top corner so that he can safety and LBer blitz more?

One thing Lions fans need to accept is that we’re not going to bring pressure from the normal DE spot. Matt wants his DL to stuff the run and contain. He’s bringing the heat with LBers and Safeties where it’s harder to recognize and defend.

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Lions need to add a RB. Trade for AP. The HOF Peterson.

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Patrick Peterson has been grossly overrated for a long time. I do find it amusing that the majority of fans wanted no part of SHERMAN as a FA, but now want to give up picks for an overrated PP. He’s not that old but I wouldn’t be surprised of the wheels fall off soon.

PP was the 5th rated CB in 2018 according to PFF—hardly the gospel but could you provide some evidence behind your haterade?

We need a beast on the O-line to help keep Stafford cleaner OR an absolute stud pass rusher!

Dude runs a 6.5 forty at this point. Plus, he’s an asshole. I’ll stick with the RBs we have that are not 45 years old.