Sources: Stafford, Rams explore trade scenarios

Figured it was worth a new thread since it’s frontpage ESPN …

Yeah, no. Give us your next 2 firsts and I’ll consider it.

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Agree, I don’t know what they could offer of value, unless it’s their entire draft board.

This feels far, far too much like the Quinn/Patriots deals with Holmes and his relationship with LA …

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I’d only add that if they work in a third team, anything becomes possible …

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They have no firsts to give.

I can’t see how the Rams works.

Cutting Goff would cost the Rams $65.2 million in dead money; trading him would cost $22.2 million.

So they might literally trade Goff to somebody for a 7th-round pick or something, just to save $43 million.

I definitely don’t want him back for the Lions. Not impressed at all. And he’s clearly persona non grata in L.A. the GM and Head Coach are not even couching their words about moving on from him.

That’s literally 4 picks :sweat_smile:


I’m a cynic. This is probably LA trying to drive up the price on SF

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Give us 12! Give us 12!

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This would be my second worst fear outside of Jimmy G plus 2nd. Goff was Holmes guy so don’t be surprised if he values him more than just about everybody else, something like Goff+#57 and The Den explodes.

I was always worried about the Rams being a possibility because of the Holmes connection and that fear might be realized.

I’d be done. It would be unforgivable.

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Holmes: "What do you guys think about Jared Goff possibly com–

Dorsey: “ARE YOU ON CRACK?!”



Unfortunately, I think this scenario is very plausible.

And that’s why he’s there.


Holmes calls his buddies @LARams and says:

“Can you guys help me drive up the price on your division rivals the 49ers? Small favor to ask that would really help us out.”

Why would Rams do it. Because it poses no threat to their chances of winning if the Lions receive more value for Stafford, but it does do damage to the 49ers if Stafford happens to join their rivals in San Francisco.

I honestly don’t think the Rams have a play in this trade. Seems reasonable to think this is nothing more than driving up the price on the 49ers.


And they’re already intent on kicking Goff to the curb, so they don’t have to worry about his feelings in this.

National Football League GIF by Los Angeles Rams Next years 1st and Stafford for Donald.


I like that theory that the Rams are faking this to drive up the price for the 49ers. If this is smoke, then what a job by the front office.


Arron Donald And Jordan Fuller + 2nd + 3rd

Their entire draft this year (2, 3, 5, 6) and Aaron Donald and maybe we’ll talk. You figure out how to ditch Goff separately. (Frankly, I’d consider taking Goff and just cutting him; when you trade for a player, all the signing bonus money doesn’t come with the contract, and often much of the rest isn’t guaranteed).
However, the Rams are willing to part with #1 draft picks more easily than most teams. I think that’s because they were confident Holmes and Co. would find value in the middle and late rounds.

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