Special Teams outlook for this season

I have been asking and watching our team grab - what four now - players in FA that can play STs. I’m wondering how big a change we will see this season…

  • new ST coach
  • Sam Martin let go
  • four new faces that have STs versatility

I’m hoping what I am seeing and feeling ( which are not facts! My hunch only ) is a push for a top five group!!

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I’m not going to guess where they’ll rank, but they’re clearly rebuilding the group.

I’m not sure why they got rid of one of the best punters in NFL history. He’s career top 10. Something must have happened knowing how Patricia treats players.

I’d say it’s a combination of money, health and consistency. Martin and Wagner fit in the same category for me. Players that can look good for a stretch, but then commit an error at about the worst possible time. Drive-killers.

Don’t remind me about the shanked punt Vs Dallas in the playoffs. Dumbass Caldwell should have gone for it on 4th down ----on the fucking Dallas 45 yard line. smh

Wagner has been terrible his entire time in Detroit and is not comparable in the least. He’s also been the highest paid RT for years. Martin has been a top 5 punter his entire career and Wagner was a bottom 1/3 RT his time in DET.

Oh, I agree - can’t predict the future.

But, I think their goal is to be one of the best ST wise…

It’s seems to me they are grabbing several players this off season who are dual versed.

And I keep going back to the idea of how short changed MP was coming here as the new HC so late in the game.

He kept JC’s OC and ST coach. Looking back, I also think he was very very limited on who he could trust as a new HC to run the defense and literally had to pick PP…

We now have an entirely revamp coaching staff…

I’m excited to see what happens this year assuming we have one!!

I’m confused, was the Lions special teams terrible last year?

Very Good Question imho!

Ive been posted I see a change; not really sure the why behind it all myself.

I do feel the were inconsistent last yr. Good - heck very good at times - but they blew a game or two for us a swell like the Bills…

That’s the bottom line. Inconsistency is the friendly fire they don’t have the patience for. It’s one thing to know where you’re understaffed, it’s another to have players capable of contributing, but unable to do it consistently. Thus, a change. (a big one)

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