Spencer Ware visiting the Lions

He’d be a good #2 here, he’s always been productive and catches the ball as well.

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He appears to have recovered well from his PCL injury. I think he’d be a great addition.

Then we can focus on CB2, right side of the OL, and depth, in the draft. (Possible LB upgrades, depth at WR, etc)

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Yoop, you are consistent…and I agree, in this case.
I’m a Zenner fan. That said, I recognize that he has had injury issues.
Ware is another Zenner. We don’t need two.

He’s got the right size.

I’d take him if he is cheap enough.

1yr deal.

Worthy of further exploration…

You’re consistent, too. The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

I don’t know what you mean by the “grass always greener on the other side” bullshit, but I’m very happy with Zenner and KJ. I want to mitigate possible injury.

If we’re going to run more, we need more than 2 RBs.


I thought I remembered you being not so thrilled with Zenner. My bad.

Thank you. I’ve been very consistent defending Zenner. I wasn’t quite so supportive of Washington, though…

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Only if he’s cheap. I’m a fan of Zenner.

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My biggest problem is that he’s never played a full NFL season and missed the entire 2017 season. Can’t complain about 4.8 ypc, but, we’ve already got one of those… actually, 2!

214 carries in 14 games in a season isn’t exactly China Doll. That’s really the only season he would have been starter.

Maybe 2017, but injury.

Maybe 2018, but Kareem Hunt.

I’d be happy to be a fan of KJ/Zenner/Ware. All of them with decent size and good hands.


If you’re gonna have brittle, better stock up on them.
I’m warming up to the idea.

A second Zenner wouldn’t be a bad thing… redundant maybe, but not bad.

I didn’t realize that Riddick is still under contract!
Do you want Ware, or a Rookie?

I’d roll with a rookie. Ware was a product of a system, imho.

Ware or a rookie? I’d probably go rookie…if i were sure that i can get the guy that i want.

I wonder if they are looking at Ware as a #2 RB? Or as a #4?

I think it’s funny that people want CJ Anderson (who we passed on signing late last year) but don’t want Ware, citing his injury history. But Anderson has been much more injury prone, only started one year and has almost identical stats the year Ware started. Ironic…