St. Louis Prosecutor’s Office Appears to Have Tampered With Evidence in McCloskey Gun Case

I strongly dislike prosecutors… I initially read this to be able to go “ha!! More you that suck!’”

But, I’ve been around cases involving firearms before.

Sadly, I can’t hammer these guys just yet like i selfishly want to. Why?


If the couple “believed” the firearm was fully operational upon waving it, then this becomes mute. Now, intent as well as getting the couple to actually say “we thought it worked” or to get the jury to see it that will be vary hard imho…

But it does help defense imho

“The McCloskeys said that the handgun was inoperable because they had to bring it to a courtroom during a lawsuit they once filed against a gun manufacturer.

Their attorney, Joel Schwartz, confirmed to KSDK that the firing pin on the gun had been intentionally misplaced and that it was in that condition when Patricia McCloskey used it to defend her home.”

Anyway, Gardner will claim she didn’t know and make her Assistant the fall guy/scapegoat.

While I agree with you 100% on intent, I think the charges are moot because they were on their own property and the people were not on their property and were not invited guests.

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And in Missouri, castle doctrine allows you to defend your property with deadly force.

From where I’m standing, these people are idiots, and the optics are terrible, but I don’t think there’s a crime here. I don’t know all the details on Missouri gun law, though, so I could easily be wrong.

Either way, it’s a bad look for the prosecutor’s office to be going after these two hard with open murder cases on the books, if that is in fact true.

I wonder where a misdemeanor may play in? I don’t know that states law but defending is one thing… if it’s proven they pointed the guns and people… that may be breaking the law… I really don’t know

I’m sure that when the beat all the charges, they’ll share a big bottle of wine - and still not have sex.



Power corrupts, and these are some corrupt mo-fos right here!

Setting aside the fact that the governor has already indicated they will be pardoned if convicted, the prosecutor is screwed relative to the wife. No way the prosecutor can prove beyond a reasonable doubt the elements of the crime if they altered the evidence in that fashion. In fact the judge could easily dismiss the charges against the wife.

If he has said that, to me it just makes things worse. That means the prosecutor really can play politics with it, with no real world consequences to consider. Its like when one chamber of congress passes a bill because they know the other chamber will reject it, just so they can play politics with it. But when they actually have both chambers, they won’t pass the bill in one chamber because it might really get passed…and that was not the intent of the bill.

To me the circumstances are key here. IMO you can’t go out into the street and confront these people by pointing a gun at them. IMO that act is unacceptable, and you are instigating the situation. If a scuffle breaks out and someone ends up dead, I blame the person who brandished the gun. But seeing that they were on their own property and genuinely had concerns (not just getting angry at a neighbor who was mowing their own lawn), I don’t want to live in a country where you aren’t allowed a show of force on your own property for people that are off of your property but threatening to come onto your property…or you have a genuine concern they may come onto your property.

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I honestly don’t see why this woman was charged to begin with. You have the right to protect your property. A show of force was warranted in this case.

Then to find out the gun was more of a prop than anything makes prosecuting even more bizarre. Then add in tampering … they have no case if you ask me and the judge should throw it out with a stern warning.

An internal investigation should be done. How can you trust that office unless you do?

She is Soros funded and floated. Just like the Philly jail breaker DA.

Follow the money always works…

Hey, let’s follow the money on the DC judge, and Kim Worthy in the Juicy Smollet thing etc etc

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Optics. Optics and timing.

Politics also corrupts…This corrupt POS is motivated by her politics

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I really believe people like the prosecutor (persecutor) should be thrown in prison. What that office did should be a felony with a very long sentence.


I have no problem with them verifying it won’t fire, dissembling, documenting why, reassembling properly, and then verifying it will fire. As long as this is all properly stated and documented.

Where I do have an issue is the office claiming the gun was readily capable of lethal use. It was not and they know it was not yet they claimed otherwise. There’s a real issue with that.

What their doing is like this.
Person A says to her neighbor. Stop playing in my private driveway or I just might run you over next time.
Person B claims person A threatened them with their car.
Police seize the car and find it has an empty gas tank, and a flat. They patch and inflate the tire and then add fuel. Afterwords they deem the car was readily capable of lethal use. Then charge the car owner.

Let’s forget the facts that: 1) Neighbor was playing in a private and gated driveway. 2) The car may look threatening but isn’t operable.

If you listen to the tape of the incident, the rioters threaten to kill the homeowners. I guess it is okay to do that when you are rioting, but god forbid you try to protect yourself and property from people that are threatening to kill you.


That’s the legal argument right there and the biggest reason they shouldn’t have been charged.

If you feel threatened, if people are trespassing on private property. Then why wouldn’t you have the right to show force?

I get that the rioters weren’t on their land exactly but they were in a private, gated community, they were trespassing. We’re not talking about people in the middle of a public road. We’re talking about people who knew they were on private property, they were acting in a threatening manor, they were saying threatening remarks. A homeowner should be able to show force in this situation.

Then toss in the fact that the pistol was inoperable and I can’t see a case for the PA here. This is 100% politics and it has no place in the justice system.