Staffford said I'll go anywhere EXCEPT New England 🤣

Matt Patricia was THAT bad.



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I look at it from a different perspective. Maybe he doesn’t have the personality to be scolded by Belichick???

Or play outdoors in crappy weather for a franchise that is notoriously hard on it’s players? I wouldn’t want to go play there. Besides even if he balls out and wins a couple Super Bowls he’s still not Tom Brady. That would be an awful situation for him.

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I don’t any player does anymore and the only reason they got players to go there cheap was to hang out with and play with Tom Brady.

People blame last season on the players opting out but maybe they didn’t want to put up with Bill’s shit without Tom being there

Smart move. They have worse skill players than Detroit had when he was here.

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Thats MY former quarterback.

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Sure Patricia, but New England is also a really bad team which is why Brady jumped ship. And they have very unrealistic expectations based on years of being at the top.

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No question about it .

Belicheck is the most overrated coach in the history of the league. He hasn’t won anything without Tom Brady. Brady is in the SB & the Pats are picking 15th, so much for Brady being a “ system “ QB. Belicheck rode the coattails of the best QB in history. Why would Stafford want to follow that act and play for those arrogant assholes?

Um, no :joy: Belichick is the GOAT, Brady is also the GOAT… The two combined for a dynasty that’ll never be seen again.


I’m not going to go that far but I do think they won’t contend again before Belichick retires

Stafford dont even have a trade clause dictating where to go . Whatever lions get in return should be lions priority.

Funny people bitch about the Lions asking for cash back from Calvin that he was paid but did not earn…yet are fine saying, “we will send Stafford wherever we please and he can just like it”!

You guys realize this is very much the same thing!!! And ESPN this is not directed solely at you

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Are you saying lions organization is biased ?

Nope…I am saying that for everyone bitching about Calvin should be applauding the Lions for looking after their latest star that wanted out.

Perhaps we can make amends with Calvin, perhaps we can’t…but we won’t have to make amends with Stafford when he retires. Also looks good for FA’s imo

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Really. My English has drastically improved in the past few weeks , I started taking a vitamin . Don’t play games with me

What is this supposed to mean?

You calling me a liar? Or trying to bait me into something?

You started . I just asked you if you were suspecting something like biased and you said no . Let’s conclude there. You tried to confuse me and now I think you are confused