Stafford and Goff stats

saw this floating around on FB

Yeah now take a look at the difference in rosters and coaching .


…ky injured starters
…who is running for their life vs chillin in the pocket
…dropped passes
…playing with injuries
as well as the ones you mentioned, which truly are the bigger ones.

The stat I wish I could find is percentages from gun and under center.

good PFF article about the trade…

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Yeah you know when you read this place it’s really evident that people really just don’t watch games . Most to busy looking at a stat the doesn’t tell the true story. I can’t even believe that people would try to compare the too with the situation both were in.

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of course people know they were in different circumstances with different cast and coaching. But a stat comparison is still interesting data nonetheless…

To me the biggest concern about Goff isn’t his average performance over the last four years, but rather his health and significant performance decline over the last couple

It’s hard to look at this deal and think that the Detroit Lions have not come out ahead. The Rams’ supporting cast, excellent early in the McVay/Goff marriage, has atrophied some over the past few years, which has led to Goff’s decline. The defense, the league’s best in 2020, lost its coordinator this offseason when Brandon Staley moved across town to be with the Chargers. The situation that Stafford falls into, while better than the one he had in Detroit, might not yield the results that this trade implies it will. The betting markets appear to be betting into Los Angeles as a result of this move, but we would be inclined to take the other side if offered.

From the article:
"It’s hard to look at this deal and think that the Detroit Lions have not come out ahead. "

Bullshit you hated Stafford and wouldn’t know the difference in the team they played on or there coaching. It hasn’t been in you to look at anything realistically other then the stat of wins and losses.
This is a fact
One player played for a coach that is one of the best Coaches in the league, that the whole league raves over ,the other played for a coach that wasn’t just the worst in the league he might be one of the worst in NFL history and the rest of the league laughs at.

One played on a playoff roster, the other played on a roster that couldn’t even win a game with out his presence. You can’t even realistically compare the 2 with a stat.

Rams will win at least one Super Bowl in the next few years, and at a minimum, contend.
The Lions will not do either.

Rams got the better deal.


Tc do you feel better now after that little hissy fit?

I think Stafford is the better player overall and Goff has regressed the last couple years behind an oline that hasn’t been great. He’s basically turned into a check down specialist. But it’s fine to roll with Goff for a couple years while we transition to a younger QB

Interestingly we play the Rams this year. That will be a fun game. If history has shown us anything, all our former QBs have come back for revenge. Everyone from Kramer to Joey have spanked the Lions in their revenge games

It’s not a hissy fit it’s holding people responsible for what they say. Anyone one that thinks that stat means anything is clueless, they were not just different situations they were extremely different. One was the worse case scenario the other was a dream scenario. And funny how you mentioned his oline, geez you never used that in Staffords case. Lol

I can tell you’re an emotional wreck over this so I won’t argue this too much but I’ll just say

  • I never ‘hated’ Stafford. I just didn’t think he was ever able to take the opportunities when they were there. He never got his signature win here in 12 years, and didn’t always have a terrible cast. I wish him luck and will be watching more Rams games than otherwise

  • Stats never tell the full story, but they also aren’t meaningless. They are a good reference for a baseline of comparison

  • Indeed, I have discussed the oline ‘in Staffords case’ many times. Stafford didn’t always have a bad oline. You can look up time in the pocket splits - but when the line was poor, I did think having a QB with better mobility who could roll out or scramble would be a better option. It will be interesting to see how well Stafford performs in the McVays play action and bootleg heavy offense

  • I think and hope we draft one of the QBs early this year and plan to move on from Goff. Preferable even we find a trade partner for him now and flip him for another pick.

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The lions traded an older slightly above average qb for younger slightly above average qb and got 2 1sts and a 3rd doing so. This is a huge, huge win for the lions.

Anyone that doesnt see that probably listed Favre, Elway or Marino as a Stafford comp in the Stafford comp thread. Unreal delusion. The real comp is Jared Goff. Look at their numbers. They’re the same guy… completely dependent upon their supporting cast.

Goff and Stafford are the same player. The lions took advantage of a false narrative (“Goff suddenly blows 2 years after being in the super bowl”) and a beautiful arm (stafford’s) that is good at fooling people. They took advantage of a deteriorating relationship between goff and mcvay. The lions are 2-3 years away from competing, so this is an incredible deal for them in terms of being able to possibly speed up that process. The rams will begin their steady decline after this upcoming season. They’ve got a one year window before they realize what they’ve done.

It’s a great day to be a lions fan unless you delusionally believe Stafford = Brett Favre.


careful radio, stats are meaningless when you consider the raw emotion of some here who just lost their one true love…


Lol yeah.

I’m done being careful around here. I’ve tried to be cordial and polite and it didn’t work.

Time to be honest even though several people hate it.


Spot on, This is a win for the lions. In two years this team will be much better with this deal and letting Stafford go than if they would have kept him. Getting Goff may or may not work out but in the end it has little risk and does not effect the rebuild.

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100% sir. 100%.

This move, the coaching staff moves and the front office moves actually have me believing.

Your the one delusional, I mean you can’t see the difference in the team or the couch. Lols your done being nice Lol. Big deal . You were also said we wouldn’t get much for Stafford. There the same player Lol, dude that’s as ridiculous. I mean between you and the nut guy. I’m cracking up .