Stafford Deep Ball %

Stafford is also averaging a career high 8 yards per completion

Personally I attribute both to improve protection so far this year and Bevell’s play design/calling


this isn’t ‘real’ surprising. when Matt became our starting QB in 2009 He threw at will all over the damn place and wasn’t afraid to whip it deep either the first couple seasons he used to be known as a gunslinger as well ut the thing was he was also getting a number of INT’s.

before long at all HC’s and OC’s , and QB coaches were trying to help Matt throw fewer INT’s by having him throw a lot less deep balls and throw more short screens to medium-range passes.

The INT’s began to decrease and Stafford took half as many shots deep. Stafford was pretty wild when CJ was here because he had SO much confidence that if the football was in Cal’s area code that ball wwoul be caught and soon CJ became Megatron , Matt wasn’t too shy to throw to Nate Burleson either deep. BUT once the staff started to address the INT side, Stafford began throwing screens and medium-range .

It got to a point that fans began bitching that Stafford could only throw short screens and mid-range stuff and was afraid to throw deep or couldn’t by some fans. I don’t think Stafford began throwing deep again much until Bevell was here , WITH players like Kenny Golladay, Marvin Jones, Hock, Danny Amendola & KJ. which you see by this chart Jaded provided.

Even more impressive? He’s on pace for 36 TDs vs only 8 ints