Stafford & Hockenson deserve credit

Especially Hockenson.

Don’t get me wrong, this was a sh!tball of an outcome, and a horrible 4th quarter if I’ve ever seen one.

But Hockenson just had the best debut for a rookie TE EVER.


If anyone is keeping score, Ed Oliver only had 2 tackles today.

Sick of hearing the Ebron/Donald debate so I’m happy we made the right call after week 1.

Please save optimism for tomorrow.



LMAO. Totally fair, but I’m afraid I’ll be too hungover to care by then, @Nate.


The sad part is I think lots of guys played well, just not the o-line or Agnew. It’s too bad the coaching was worse than all of them.


Also, why the hell did Amendola turn inside instead of going out and stopping the clock???


Yeah that was just bizarre.


Not too many mental errors overall but the punt fumble and Amendola staying inbounds were both absolutely critical fuck ups.

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Hopefully he’s running sprints up the hill tomorrow. That is just ape-level of intelligence, there.

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Actually there was a lot of good in this game outside the 4th qtr

I think our O will be much improved

Our D played great most of the game. I suspect conditioning was a factor in the 4th

I hated the 4th qtr play. Hated Agnew again with the muff. Not happy w Deckers play today

All that matters is where we go from here


Unbelievable for a vet like him

Total idiot move

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Even Kerryon was smart to stay inbounds trying to run out the clock

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Understand: I ask this question because I literally don’t understand – not because I’m questioning you or your stance.

So, why is there mini-camp, training camp, and preseason games if these guys are still needing conditioning work? I thought that was the entire idea and literally one of the few reasons preseason is still around?

IDK, I just find myself getting frustrated at that, so maybe someone can help me out with some logic and truth on the matter.

Murray was totally frazzled to start the game. Playing conservative in the 4th quarter totally gave him time and gave him confidence. Terrible coaching move

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There is nothing in camp and pre-season that equals playing 4 qtrs of a game

That’s why there is a term “being in game shape”

Especially when the starters only pmay a couple series in preseason. Play them too much…risk needless injury…don’t play them much…they are not in “game shape”

Then get rid of it.


Trey Flowers sat out for 9 months and never broke a sweat except to sign his signature to a 90 million dollar contract.


Honestly the only value of the preseason games is evaluating the bottom half of the players

I would love to not pay for two preseason games

I don’t really think the coaching was nearly as big of a problem as folks are saying. I mean the TO will of course generate second guessing. I’m not really against the bend don’t break philosophy in that setup. I wish we would’ve featured Hock more but he was playing his first game.

Agnew handles that punt and it’s all a moot point. I honestly don’t know if we can keep him back there. He’s dynamic when he gets it but man is it an adventure fielding the punt.

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I don’t know how you can trust Agnew on punts at this point


Flowers, I heard his name one time, expected a little more from him.