Stafford in town, catches Miggy hitting 3,000

Was in town to for the groundbreaking on an expansion to the SAY Detroit Play Center that he worked on with Mitch Albom. Sat down with the TV crew for an interview after:

Also, Miggy hitting 3,000:

Finally nice to have something to celebrate as a Detroit Sports fan.


Loved that interview. Just a good dude. Thankful that the Lions didn’t completely ruin his career.


But they get an E for effort.


They sure do. So far, Stafford and Suh are the only ones of the top tier guys that have made it out of Alcatraz. LOL.

Thankful that Dan Campbell came in and blew that shit up.

Stafford is just a constant reminder of what a shit show the Lions are. It’s like you marry a girl who is a 7 gets fat and then leaves your ass and turns into a supermodel.

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ONLY player in MLB history to get 3000 hits, 500 HR AND win the Triple Crown

Miggy doesn’t get enough credit as he should for being one of the greatest hitters ever

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Neither did Kenny Powers. :wink:

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Last two sentences in Albom’s Freep article yesterday about Stafford:

“I told Matthew this morning,” Kelly said, “wouldn’t it be great if in the last year of your career, you come back here to Detroit, win a Super Bowl, and then retire?”

Well, there’s a little turbulence.


More like having a girl move in next door as a teen that’s pretty but not beautiful. Then watching her grow up, move away and become a swimsuit model. Then you’re just pissed because you had a chance but never took advantage of the situation or realized what an opportunity you had.

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He would get more credit if the tigers had won those World Series. Damn do I wish we hadn’t had to sit for a week each time. That 06 team would have rolled anybody if they’d played right away. That entire team was on fire!

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HAHAHAH! Now he’s just trying to make Goff look bad, at this point.

What a super-fun idea. Hope we’re already winning trophies by that time.