Stafford Mic’d up for Vikings game

Truly don’t understand the folks that don’t like our QB


Whining is the only sport they follow. If we don’t win - “why didn’t Stafford compensate for the crazy roughing the passer call and the insane reversal of a TD to Jones”. They just watched the Offense score zero points without Stafford and get hosed by the refs in this game after Stafford still managed to put up 35 and still bitching and whining is all they do.

Idk, that whole video has the feel that the players know something more than what we do…but maybe all the “I appreciate you” and “I love you” were just for the end of the season knowing they can’t be having their end of season banquet.
I guess we shall see.

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I dont understand this thread.
Someone says they wish the Lions were grooming a QB just in case Stafford decides he’s had enough and people lose their fricking minds!!

If ever you question your sanity, you just need to come here.

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Truth be known, unless you draft your backup to be groomed in the first round, there’s little chance he’ll become your franchise qb of the future anyways…and most teams outside of Green Bay and NE don’t to that.
And I get it, you hope for the next Russell Wilson or Brady but those guys are anomalies.
You’re basically drafting career backup QB’s after round 1.

Lets put it a different way:

Were fans wanting to replace or groom a replacement for the following at 33:
Ben Rothlisberger- He is now 38.
Drew Brees- He is now 41.
Philip Rivers- He is now 39
Tom Brady- He is 43
Aaron Rodgers- He is now 37.

I am all about drafting a qb and developing him, not necessarily to replace Stafford but as a trade chip and in that what if scenario where something does happen to Stafford we have something. If you think about it the Pat’s are constantly grabbing qbs and they looked at Jimmy G as the first real candidate to replace Brady. Brady was 36 when Jimmy G was drafted.

Again, i keep saying, there needs to be a conversation and what both sides want and the commitment level from both groups to each other has to be gauged. That conversation would dictate when a qb is taken in the draft. He wants out this year you have to calculate do we take Fields now and try and build around him? Or do we realize we are going to suck for a minute and get another shots at elite talent A B or C…how do they stack up vs Lance and Justin? Do we try to build the team and then get our guy? All this has to be talked about first.

When a season ends that team ends. Even though for fans we feel like each team is roughly the same they really are not the same. The voices are different. The coaches might be different.

For football players and coaches the end of every season is normally tough. Emotional. Win OR lose. You worked with these guys for months and months. You know them, their sense of humor and their tone.

And in the NFL you have no idea what each season might bring. Some guys are always likely back but you never know. And then injuries can hit.

I am not reading too much into this at this point.

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And / I’d love to compare this one to any before MP was fired…

Bevell made football fun again for these guys imho

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Brady is gone from NE, they have…
Rothlisberger may very well be done with his own verbiage lately, they have Mason Rudolph
GB just drafted Love last year, to a ton of criticism.
Colts have, well no one they want. Kinda why Stafford gets mentioned as a possible trade target for them.
Brees, who knows. Is Hill a QB for the entire season? That’s why they signed Winston I’d believe.

We have Daniels, who is a good backup. Not someone I’d want to go into a season with expecting a playoff run from. And Blough…

Might not be a bad idea to at some point find a guy you want to try to develop.

Agree with this. If Chase has to play much, or at all, we are in trouble though. He looked so disinterested in doing anything with the football while he was on the field. I’m pretty sure at this point he just wants to be there and hold a clipboard.

Respectfully, I think you missed the point of the post. They were not thinking of moving on from any of the mentioned QB’s at 33.

Brady was moved on from AT 42.
Rodgers is 37 when his replacement got drafted.
Ben is 37 when he blows up his arm and Mason Rudolph is NOT the answer in Pittsburgh…just watch or read any local paper or sportstalk radio on the topic.

Brees is 41 and should most likely retire.

Daniels is not a good backup.

and as I said I am fine with developing a qb…but you are not necessarily looking to replace stafford at 33 unless he wants out or your are not committed to him.

I understand. My point was most of those teams didn’t address it and now they’re stuck. I made it badly. Yes, it looks like a long time until the Lions need to address it, but you never know when the end may come. It’s closer now than it was when Stafford was 26.

Just feel if an elite talent QB falls to them, it may not be a bad idea to at least think about a succession plan.

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Now we are expanding your idea! And yes! If a solid QB is suddenly available and you can pick them up: I agree

They will either get paid to sit on the bench and learn


We develop them and have trade bait!

I’m cool with this idea all the way

It basically what I feel GB did!

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Don’t let 1 or 2 fringe opinions shift your belief in the entire group. Truthfully, there has been so much perceived conflict between pro Stafford crowd and anti-stafford crowd, I feel they re all getting lumped together. It’s like how when a couple argues, and it’s never really about what’s happening in that moment…it’s about old stuff, as old anchors have been set, and people start to get more easily triggered by the old belief/anchor/story.

Just smile and waive at 'em, and choose to have a great day. LOL.

p.s. Matt Stafford is a big, hairy, American, winnin’-machine. :wink:
Had to, bro!

Have a great day, man!


I am not against QB buuut not this offseason, not when we have 5 picks and we pick QB. WR, TE, O-Line…

when the defense is :poop:


Wondering, in hindsight, would you have still drafted Okudah? If not, who instead (assuming my triple trade-back scenario could not happen).

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