Stafford needs 352 yards to reach the 40,000 yard benchmark and he will surpass that easily here in 2019

He will be well on his way to that number VS The Pack.


My question is, if he gets it this game does that mean we dominated or were behind all day? I’m hoping he goes an efficient 20-28 250 2-0 & we run the ball a TON

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I’d say with our Defense that if Stafford puts up 350 + yrds than we will likely win the game.

I just want a win–even if it’s 3-0.

I want to see us run it on them like Philly did

I’d gladly take a 2-1 run/pass ratio with Stafford only throwing it 20 times and staying clean all day.

200 rushing, 150 passing = solid win


What if its 2-0 ?

I was thinking about this. I bet he hits the mark at FF.

The Lions organization will want it to happen in house.