Stafford 'Not Tough Enough to Play' in NE

Says Teddy Bruschi

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Toughness is the last thing Stafford should ever be questioned about.


I would say some players are not tough enough to play in Detroit.

If you can play 10 years in detroit you can play anywhere.

Teddy Brushchi rode Tom Brady for super bowl rings but would never hack it in Detroit.

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There was a pretty lengthy discussion about this a couple weeks ago:

Staffords gone and the threads, repeat of old thread no less, keep coming. LOL

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My apologies if this has already been discussed. I had not heard or seen of this until they were talking about QB’s this morning on ESPN radio.

Yeah, they had a call-in from Michigan and said that this shouldn’t be questioned and Keyshawn said his mental toughness…and I thought it was pretty crazy.

Gee shocking another post by snags to throw shade at the QB that has left town

Thread made me realize that starting mid September there will probably be a million Goff threads. Including Goff vs Stafford which will go on all season as well. I was right, no, I was. etc etc

No worries and wasn’t meant as personal thing just made me chuckle.

Sorry, I thought that by saying that I thought what Bruschi said was crazy that people would know that I was actually on Stafford’s side on this one. Like @CuriousHusker said, Stafford’s toughness isn’t something anyone should put into question, mental or physical.

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The irony is that Bruschi being such a butt hurt tool about Stafford not wanting to go to New England, is actually quite funny to me.

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Yeah, to question a QB’s mental “toughness” but then throw a fit because he didn’t want to go there kind-of says something about that person’s mental toughness, I think.

Exactly. The “Patriot Way” can go pound sand. It was amazing when Brady was there, but now they’re pouting if someone doesn’t want to join their club.

I didn’t think it was possible, but this whole thing has made me like Stafford even more.

Detroit Vs.Everybody

I can’t blame Stafford for not wanting to go to a team that Quinn and Patricia came-from and basically made a bad team worse and ruined whatever positive culture the locker-room had with their coaching incompetence and attitudes.

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Maybe physically he’s tough; However, not every player is mentally tough to play for guys like Saben and Belichick. Also, they require more from the position. I understand what Bruschi is saying


Little Teddy is all butthurt Stafford didn’t want to deal with Patricia again. They need to get over themselves.

Now that it’s clear it was Brady carrying them the whole time, they are on high alert to shout down anybody who doesn’t worship NE.

Will be fun watching them struggle again this year.

If I was Stafford, the only time I would ever want to see Patricia again is on the opposite sidelines.

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I was going to say “in the ring!”

Let’s judge after two years . Things will not be like in the non accountable lions environment. Remember bill, Sean and gruden are not quite guys . They will call you out if you don’t adapt in short time . Remember how Sean treated Goff after big contract

“He’s not tough enough to play here,” Bruschi told WEEI sports radio on Wednesday. “He’s just not tough enough. I don’t think he’s tough enough to be coached hard. I mean, do you realize the mental toughness that Tom Brady had to have for 20 years to deal with Bill Belichick and that type of coaching? I mean, constant pressure every single day. Does Stafford sort of grab you as a guy who could handle that? I just don’t think so. So he went to Sean McVay and get his little best friend relationship and go have fun over there. That’s fine.”

When he was here every QB we played got excited when they seen Patricia on the other side.

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