Stafford on being benched

“Matthew Stafford on the fans cheering when Matt Cassel came in: “That doesn’t make any difference to me.”

It should though. This is one of the frustrations I’ve always had about Stafford. He is a dispassionate robot when it comes to losing or criticism. It’s like he doesn’t really care all that much


Why should it? Dude has already been paid.


Well, we now know what kind of person you are…

Can you name a single QB who would come out in that situation and say in an interview … Ya that bugs me. I listen to the media. I pay attention to outside noise?? Big Ben last year when criticized said something to the effect of I don’t give a shit what the media or fans say. I’ve heard Brady say numerous times he doesn’t care about the media take or what fans think. Hate the way Stafford has played, absolutely and rightly so. Hate on him for reasons that 99% of QB react to the EXACT save way is just hate. The double standards here are unreal. Hate Rogers cuz he calls out players by name but then hate Stafford cuz he doesn’t.
I know this team is the hardest team in sports to be a fan of, the return we get for years of loyalty is basically zero.


I’ve never hated Rodgers for calling out players by name. I hate him because he’s too damn good and is a Packer. And his commercials suck

I would love to see a little fire from Stafford and call out a player here and there.

Remember in 2014 when Brady was benched during a poor game against the Chiefs. He was pissed. His response was, “We need to make sure we never have this feeling again…”

The internets even used some memes from his angry-face on the sidelines

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By the way, how was the trip to AZ? Aside from the game did you guys have a fun time?

He knew that here was no chance at winning so he was ready to come out anyway… But I would have wanted to come out after week 1 vs the Jets! Lol

I have zero problem with what he said or the yippes of when the 2nd QB went in Fans are very fickle and most don’t know shit when it comes to the game or anything to do with a team sport. They think they do, but most don’t know shit. The offenses lack of production is not Staffords fault at all IMO.

“At all”? Stafford shouldn’t be 100% off the hook. There’s no way Stafford was 0% of the offensive struggles. He didn’t play that well, stared down receivers, wasn’t as accurate as in he past and doesn’t have the ability of other QBs to manipulate the pocket and extend plays

Did you guys watch Mahomes and Wilson last night? Those guys are fun to watch. Accurate, mobile, and smart

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Wow. None? None?

18/32, 116 yds but no blame…

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I’m a Stafford fan but he was a big part of the problem this year. Even when we we’re healthy it still wasn’t right.


welp, those are my opinions and if you don’t like it Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to you, then, too.

I worry that Stafford’s contract is going to be an albatross around the team’s neck. If he doesn’t bounce back in a big way next year, then we’re paying Drew Brees money for Josh McCown production. No team is going to win if they have a max contract QB who implodes unless he is surrounded by elite talent. Brees, Brady, and Rogers are worth that kind of money because they can carry an offense. They turn solid supporting pieces into Pro Bowlers. Stafford has never reached that level, and after 10 years he probably never will. I’m done with this BS that we have to accept his cap-crippling price because things could be worse without him. If we can’t contend with Stafford, then why keep him around and hope for the occasional one and done?

The Rams, Bears, and Texans were all dog shit before drafting their current QBs. None of them are generational talents, but on cheap rookie deals their teams can afford to stack the roster elsewhere.

The thing is that Brees, Brady and Rodgers are all hitting the cap less than Stafford. Brees is closest at 13.5%. Cost must enter into the equation. 15% of the cap is too much for what Stafford brings. And it’s a disadvantage to the Lions. Not a complete bar to success, but it’s hurting our chances.

6 of top 10 teams have rookies-contract QBs. (I’m counting Baltimore because they’ve committed to the switch from Flacco) Lamar Jackson. 1% of the cap in 2018. It goes up too 1.3% of the cap by 2020. 60%. That flat out confirms it’s a valid strategy for team building.

Even if Jackson isn’t as good a player as Stafford (which isn’t necessarily a given here because Stafford is not an elite QB), it doesn’t matter. Football is a team game and Jackson’s low pay is a huge advantage. I’d bet quite a bit that they’ll be more competitive than us in 2020 (unless we do something like get a Herschell Walker deal for Stafford in 2019)…

Stafford has been castrated by JBC and by extension Caldwell, or vice versa. You might not like it, but his riverboat gambler ways FIT his style and persona. Bottom line. We would fly high with him or sink, but there were many more highs under an OC like Linehan. If not for suspicious officiating, we beat Dallas in the post season a few years back. I’m sick with what they’ve tried to do to him.

Riverboat gambler 2012 and 2013 got Linehan and Schwartz fired. Choking down the stretch in 2013 was on him. True elite QBs don’t choke like that. That pick 6 in the Giants game was wretched.

Don’t glamorize 2011 too much. None of the teams we beat were over .500. We ran up a bunch of points on doormats. Every team over .500 beat us that year.

Stafford has earned over $160M from us.

And the Dallas game is Stafford’s fault. That play should have gone to CJ. Pre-snap CJ was single covered. Easy flip and catch. And elite QB audibles to CJ. He was open the whole play. Stafford didn’t even look at him. Cry about the ref but know that Pettigrew had a handful of facemask they should have called but didn’t. Stupid playcall, but Stafford had discretion on that play. He just didn’t exercise it prudently. He even underthrew Pettigrew. If he hand’t, it still would have been completed.