Stafford on learning from KC loss


Mathew’s demeanor is so changed this year.
He has the confidence of a real leader.
I think it must be that he is really seeing a change in the leadership and vision of the staff and management.
Believing in the system, work ethic.
Loves the huddle.( No Ebrons in there.)


Yup. I think he’s always believed in himself, but when you don’t trust your OL, you get happy feet (and it could be argued, you have to have). Hard to lead in a team sport when everyone around you is atrocious, like last year’s OL, 3rd and 4th string RBs, 4, 5, 6th options at WR, not one legit starting TE on the roster. Now there are weapons at his disposal, and a system and OC that is capable of hiding weak links (Tackles). Much better situation, where his effort and leadership matter a lot more than they ever did in the past.

First time he’s had an NFL caliber OC since Linehan.


I like it when he has that look on his face
To me it means he’s totally engaged
That only happens when you believe in the leadership around you
Detroit finally has the real deal in Quinn/Patricia
Good things will happen in time
Super Bowl?
Maybe at some point
but I think this is the best shot they’ve had in my lifetime


Really funny, King. Thanks. Love our QB

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That was really funny.