Stafford out today--Rapaport

Just said it on NFL Network.

There goes his streak. And there goes a win…


Bummer! Season is over if it already wasn’t!

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I think Lions management already knew it was over, Stafford or not.

Well we now have the offense to match the defense. We should be in position to draft an elite game changer now

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We were in that position last year and took TJ Hockenson

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We will be top 5 now if Stafford is done for season.

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If he’s got broken bones im his back they should put him on IR. The season is toast, why risk further injury to your franchise player?


At least now, I can cancel my DAZN.

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Yeah, I think he’s done for the year. Broken back bones aren’t something that heals from one week to the next.

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Well crap… Was our only shot to get things back on track. Like others said… IR him if it’s more than a 2 week rest thing… Our D must show up now!

Stafford was a valuable backup in 2 FF leagues this year for me. My starters have both been out (Mahomes and Ryan). Hopefully those two come back today.

We have 22 roster spots in my dynasty, should I pick up Driskel? If he has a decent game someone else may jump on him before me…

Reason #1957 why Bob Quinn is a POS. There are much better QBs out there that have legit backups behind them. Meanwhile, idiot Quinn has no backup at QB or RB but is saving 20 million dollars for a rainy day. Dude flat out sucks. My dog could do better than that dumfuk. Also, Martha is a joke and picked up right where her cheap disastrous husband left off.


Mike Lombardi has been saying before the season started his back wasn’t healed from last season.

He was adamant the Lions should have a top line backup.



My fantasy update.

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I disagree. I think Lions management sensed the season was almost done after the GB loss and certainly after the Vikings loss. A decent QB and RB backup wouldn’t save this season. In my opinion, the Lions just saved themselves $20 million.

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Perhaps this is why they were looking at drew Locke in the draft…not considering him a a top shelf backup though…

Thank goodness we have Jeff Driskel!! :+1:


Jeff Freaking Driskel? WTF?

Watch the Defense have a lights out game now.

Chicago wins 10-7 (TD comes from a pick 6)

I’m predicting a win. 20-16