Stafford out vs Cowboys

As per FattyMatty presser.

Shut him down for the season please!


Even money he is back for the Thanksgiving Day game.

People just don’t get it and I don’t get why. The record means nothing to players and coaches. They are not going to tank, they are not going to shut it down, they are not playing for draft picks. We as fans have the rest of our lives to hope our teams get better, these guys have a very finite amount of time to play and win games.

I wish people would understand this, but I am guessing they will not.


I feel this is what will happen. But to be politically correct, it will be labelled week to week from here on out.

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It’s not about tanking, it’s about the long-term health of your franchise QB.


How many years do you think Stafford is going to play for the Lions? Because I am not convinced it is more than 2 more years.

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Its funny that some of the people that want to tank are some of the same people who will bitch about our record at the end of the year and in future years.


Ain’t that the truth, I just want to enjoy my Sundays and a Lions win is enjoyable. If I am anything, I am cynical on the Lions first round draft. I always feel like if they are the suck and they get the #3 pick, they will be the only team to draft the bust in the top 5. Personally I don’t mind teams that are drafting in the middle of the round.

Look at it this way, are you going to be more pissed if the Lions bust on Davis or Hockenson?

Exactly. Stafford hurt his back after around game 12 last year. What did the Lions do?? Flew him out to Arizona to battle another last place team fighting for a higher draft spot. The result? Our offense was crap. It was one of the ugliest played games in NFL history and we got a meaningless win. THEN they played him for 3 more meaningless games with an injured back.

Fast forward to this year and reports are that they had to sit him out of some workouts in camp and had he still had some issues. NOW that the season is in the tank, WHAM-O the same back injury is back. My guess, using logic, is that his back was never healed and they kept trotting him out there as a promotional prop.

Now people want him to rush him back to play in this season that has been over for weeks? For what? Fantasy stats?

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I guess my concern is if Stafford goes out there and aggravates this thing maybe we are looking at a guy that thinks about retiring this offseason.

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You guys act like the team doctors are guys who went to some sketchy medical school in Guatemala?


I suppose. On the other hand, I would rather him retire than keep coming back and trying to play with broken bones in his back for a 3rd of 4th season. I’m kind of wondering if this is more of a condition than it is a coincidental “broken bones in back” “injury”.

The type of fractures Stafford had last season would have fully healed in 8 to 12 weeks …This situation with his back is a different injury , or the same injury but a new one.
If it is the same injury as last year he would be playing , whatever injury he currently has is being viewed as an injury that if aggravated or hit in the same spot again could be made worse because of the injury already being in place.
This was not the case last season and was a pain tolerance issue.

Since Ford is the owner, they outsourced their medical team to India and Mexico.


Raging dumpster :fire:, that’s what being a Lions fan is all about.

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My fantasy football team name since 2008.


Season over. Put all of the injured starters on IR and bring up the PS players for evaluation.
Fuck the NFL! It’s a sham anyway!

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Lions are 3-5-1 and entering the 2nd game in a row without their starting QB.

And by the limited reaction, it’s obvious that this team has crushed our hope and enthusiasm once again. No conversation about playoff implications. Nothing about how we may still be able to scratch out a win. Nothing.

Terry Bradshaw last night talked about how Dallas will just wipe us up. Beat em by 24 points, he said. Nobody cares on the set, nobody cares here. We’re already checked out before the middle of November.


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It’s like watching a train wreck. You can’t look away.

Here, NOW, we have two choices as Lions Fans.

A. Stop watching, Stop buying anything Lions related , throw in the towel and move your fandom to another team , leave the Den, and so on…

B. Grit your teeth , Speak your mind , Stay , Test the tensile strength of your patience and fandom HERE , Keep backing The Detroit Lions , Keep watching , Trust all hope again that it WILL get better and endure.

I’m sure as hell not going to tell you, ANY of you which way you should choose because I’m just a scrub here. But don’t flood this place with JUST doom and gloom .

Should be no shock the season didn’t go as WE wanted, but when does it?

I don’t know what happens the rest of the season, but I’m supporting this team and watching Lions Football no matter the outcome, because there is a Looooong ass period of time ahead with NO Football , Spring to Fall again.

For 41 YEARS I have watched and waited, I’m not about to QUIT. for all of you, your great people and posters, I’d hate to lose any of you , but you have to make your own decision.