Stafford played with broken bones in his back

This guy is one tough SOB. Gotta wonder how long he will keep playing if he keeps getting the crap beat out of him every week.


Didn’t everyone think something was off about him last season? I figured he was injured some or most of the season.

The fact that they kept trotting him out there in a throw away season says a lot about the staff.


I think Stafford would have performed well if his receivers could get separation, broken back or not. Plus, you aren’t going to pull that guy. He won’t let you.


He’s a tough bastard. Almost tough enough to make him an honarary yooper.

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Part of the OC job is to scheme separation too.
Also sit down in spaces or zones.
JBC never had that.


How bad did it get last year for the O? Traded Tate. MJ injured. KG injured. KJ injured. Oline inconsistent and injured. But yet Stafford kept playing. Dude is a warrior.

No TEs worth a damn either. Plus Blount played like crap when they used him.

Discretion is the better part of valor. They should have protected the asset and had him not play.

Why have him risk getting further injured for meaningless games?


Wholeheartedly agree. I don’t get this one at all.

Is he tough as nails? Hell yeah, but we knew that.

Me either and I’m a huge Stafford supporter, but with where we were as a team last year, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to have him continue to play with a broken back.


A new voice, welcome to the forum Sarge. I played a lot of football Sarge. Guys make choices. I played with broken hands, fingers, pneumonia, screwed up knees, ankles and concussions, even a fractured rib. I got a stinger where my arm couldn’t raise to level with the ground. Never once came off the field. So, with adequate medical advice and input, Stafford made a choice. So, I don’t agree with you. Teams don’t force guys to play.

Given his contract and the guaranteed money in it, plus the importance of the position he plays, I highly doubt the Lions would let him go on the field if there was a chance his long term health was in danger beyond that of every other football player. Playing with pain is probably something they all do, but the risk of injury above and beyond what is normal is another thing altogether. Especially when the season is already pretty much lost.

Oh, BTW welcome Sarge. I was a Sergeant myself back in the day.


He took a helluva risk. He could have broke his back and been permanently paralyzed.


Another voice joins us, welcome R. I already posted it was Stafford’s risk tto play. If there was any risk it was explained. Stafford made his decision.

Welcome the two noobs…:muscle:

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I remember people aggressively arguing that he’s a China Doll.

Ridiculous notion. Equally as ridiculous as “the Lions need a QB,” IMO. Dude is a good leader of men.

I think this dude is going to shut people up, once surrounded with reasonable NFL starting caliber talent.

Love me some Stafford on Sundays! Can’t wait for football season.

That would be nice. But after 10 years, I’m not convinced he has the touch, the decision making ability and placement to make the jump to elite.

If we build a real team around him, it’s still not really an intrinsic change. Even Marc Sanchez won 4 road playoff games his first 2 years in the league…

It is going to take a lot of intrinsic change for me to change my mind to him being elite.

No QB wins playoff games with a bad team. Not Brady, not Manning, not Brees, nobody.

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Gotta see him get through UP winter before he gets such a high honor!