Stafford playoff thread

Rams are playing cardinals at home , Rams should win this . My only concern is when stafford play against Green Bay in cold lambeua field . Stafford struggle is mostly against tight defense and in outdoor in grass . If stafford can win one road game he has good chance to win super bowl


In another sign of the apocalypse, I agree with @espnbaby. If Stafford wins on the road, in particular if its at Green Bay and Aaron Rodgers, it would probably mean a trip to the Super Bowl. And yeah, a win like that and some of the doubts over his big game ability go away.

Obviously, I’m on the ‘I hope he does well’ bandwagon, but I’m not putting my money anywhere near him if they end up in Lambeau.


I actually did a playoff bracket today in my work pool and I surprisngly picked the Rams to win the NFC. Honestly that defense with Ramsey, Miller, and Donald have a lot more to do with it than Stafford.

Cardinals have played like shit for over a month now. Green Bay has been good for a few years under Lafleur, but I don’t trust them to get over the hump in the playoffs. Tom Brady is down Godwin and Brown with Evans hurting. Dallas is about as jekil and hyde as it gets. Only team that has a true identity I think in the 49ers, and I don’t see Jimmy carrying the 49ers too far, although I think they upset the Cowboys.

Rams have an explosive offense, and game changers all over their defense. If Stafford can take care of the football, I think they go far. I honestly would prefer the higher pick, just my gut feeling.

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On paper.

In reality, that defense was a shitshow against San Francisco. 49ers did whatever they wanted. Jimmy Four-Fingers torched them, and they forgot how to tackle in the second half. If they get all that cleaned up, you’re probably right.

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The Packers have put up 72 points on the Rams in the last two games played at Lambeau.

It’s just not a good match-up. GB has a decent pass rush and their strength is the secondary. Their weakness is against the run, and the Rams are not a strong running team. GB is getting both Jaire Alexander and Z. Smith back as well.

I see ill-timed interceptions up ahead.

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add in the whole”not gonna call holding” on the Packers O-line thing… and weather possibilities… and seems like a tough one for the Rams.


It will be a fascinating game to watch as a Lions fan. There will be narratives applied to Matt prior to the game and then afterwards to justify the results, whatever they may be.

For Matt’s sake, I hope he can shake off his recent shaky performances and get the monkey off his back like Steve Young did in the Super Bowl in 1995. On the other hand, tragic failure when your best isn’t good enough has allure and I want better magic beans.

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The Rams have gone all in on a handful of stars and have some big holes surrounding them.

That’s kind-of like saying if Stafford can clean up his game and quit throwing interceptions the offense would have more to do with their winning.
They have the players to win in LA , they just have to all tighten-up their games and get hot.

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He can absolutely play better, but you don’t win in the playoffs with a shit defense. Your QB can have mediocre (or even awful) games and you can still come out on top. Bad defense and you’re done.

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Lets Go Cards!!!
Lets make dem beanzzz a little more magical.


They are no where near as all-in as the GB Packers or the NO Saints are.

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They gave up the majority of their draft picks the last 3 seasons to bring in immediate help (Ramsey, Stafford, Miller and even Michel cost a 4th), the Packers and Saints didn’t do that. They’re as “All In” as it gets. Anything less than a Superbowl victory is a major failure.

The Packers are all in simply because this is probably The Last Dance for that group but not based on management moves, mortgaging the future for the now.


Not when you are like the Packers and Saints and you have to lose quality players to get under the cap. Gutenkust and NO guy (escapes me at the moment) mortgaged the future worst than Les Snead has.


Agreed…but turnovers are magnified in the playoffs against good teams as well.

They might have serious cap issues but at least they have their draft picks to bring in young talent to fill in some gaps. The Rams have no 1sts or 2nds for the foreseeable future. That’s the definition of mortgaging the future for the present.



Nothing matters more than the BEANS!!!

The Saints have zero QBs… but at least they have BEANS!!!

The Packers HOF QB hates the GM and wants out… and they have no cap space to keep him and his favorite WR… but what the hell… they have BEANS!!!

Late 1st round beans you say??

Who cares???

They are magical……

fail growing up GIF by Return-It Gang


Cards failed me, so they will do it again

Hmm, you seem a bit upset.

We were talking about mortgaging the future to go all in now. Nobody fits that criteria more than the Rams who had no 1st or 2nd rounders for the last draft or either of the next two drafts. Trading away all the picks for short term help is the exact meaning of mortgaging the future. I’m not saying they were bad moves by the Rams.

Aaron Rodgers wanting out is not mortgaging the future. That’s just a shitty circumstance for that franchise for next season and beyond assuming that Erin moves on.