Stafford signs extension with Rams


Also helped them with cap issues. That team is going to win at least one more Super Bowl.


Mortgaging the future, blah blah blah, they’re gonna suck in 5 years blah blah blah.


Should give them enough ammo to load up on defense (Wagner and at least someone else?).

They’ll be in the mix again.

Still can’t get over the WR lineup Stafford will have.


I realized the board had lost its mind when Rams were routinely mocked for “mortgaging the future” by fucking Lions fans of all people.


At least the Rams have/had a future, amirite?

Stafford going to be a billionaire before his career is over at this rate. Props to him for winning the Bowl and cashing in.

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Yes, they sign and have some big names, but I think someone posted, that the roster in total is one of the youngest in the league.

They’re in the position to … mortgage the future. The Lions aren’t there yet.

When do you want it!?!?
We want it now!!!


The Rams haven’t mortgaged their future any worst than Detroit has. They don’t have several draft picks (if you call that mortgaging the future), but they haven’t borrowed money from future years for current UFA’s like the Packers and Saints have. The Rams more closely resemble the Lions in borrowing money from future years for current expenses. I’m sure Stafford’s contract will add to that though.

I marvel at what Les Snead does with the roster and cringe at Brian Gutenkurst/Mickey Loomis are doing. But that’s just my opinion.


I’m still in absolute awe that we had to trade our franchise QB away. Still. This franchise is so inept.


I agree we suck, but Stafford did ask for the trade. Holmes and MC/DC would have loved to have him.

That point isn’t brought up enough IMO

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I want the playoffs by 2023.


If you’re not in playoff contention by year 3, the rebuild has been a disaster. Jim Shorts made the playoffs in year 3.

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Why does that point mean anything though? He asked for a trade because this franchise is hopelessly inept. They had 11 seasons with him to simply get the team into the playoffs. Simply into the playoffs probably wouldn’t have stemmed off any trade request. He was staring at a total rebuild. Which is funny, because now people seem to forget were a total rebuild and want winning now. That ain’t happening. Campbell got a six year contract for a reason.


Amen brother! I don’t blame Stafford at all. And for the record it was 12 years.

Unpopular opinion alert:

Stafford owns his losses in Detroit as much as he owns in wins in LA.



I think the lesson to be learned from Stafford is that wins and losses are team stats, not an individual stat.


Tell that to the NFL.

The marketing would suggest otherwise, but that is also why we shouldn’t listen to marketing.

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QB wins are a stat recognized by the NFL :man_shrugging:t3: