Stafford Thread

Say Stafford plays 6 more seasons. Has an amazing 6 seasons, wins a couple Superbowls. Amazing stats every year. Gets elected to the HOF.

Would he go as a Ram or a Lion?

Obviously the majority of his stats would be from Detroit. But he won nothing in Detroit, and left as a fringe, outside shot at HOF kinda guy

He won’t. Done. Thread over.



He is a first ballot hall of famer and it isn’t close.


Ram. Seriously, it’s the Neverstop eFffing( the) Lions


That would definitely be as a Ram. His chance of going in if he’s relying on his Lions career are s*** and none.

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You can go in with multiple teams if you choose. I think he’d do that if he can.

Easily the Rams.

What if he never wins a thing in LA?

What if it’s up to Kelly?

What if Stafford pairs up with Elon to throw the first pass from space? Does that make him a space based weapon?


He goes in as a Georgia Bulldog

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We aren’t really having this conversation, right? What makes you think Calvin and Barry are hall of famers and Matt isn’t?


In that scenario he :100: goes in as a

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For one, those guys were the best players at their positions most years, Matt has never been close to the best QB.

He will be a Hall of Famer…don’t care who he goes in as……

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Will he mention Calvin Johnson in his speech?


just had the highest ever rating as a starting QB as a QB on a NEW team.

HOF speech: I want to thank the detroit lions for making me who I am today. I can’t go through an airport without setting off a metal detector from the surgeries, but I LOVE the patdowns.

He played good yesterday with weapons around him . There were moments he did lion things too .
I will give a full pass to Stafford based on how he play against the quality teams in the division/tight defense and also how he perform outdoor in cold weather .So far looking good.