Stafford was rated as 14th in deep ball accuracy in 2017

pretty Meh. when Matt started playing here, he whipped the ball downfield on a typical/regular basis…it was expected. a long while ago, they stopped him from just throwing it up and gave him the mid-range , short screens to try and lower INT’s. thing is he’s not used to throwing deep here in Detroit and when he does,…you don’t know where the ball will wind up.

With that O-Line, that’s like being rated as the new American Sniper.

Where did you find that? Bc here’s claiming he was 2nd in passer rating and 3rd in completion percentage on deep ball passes in 2017.

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He wasn’t “accurate” with those passes. Marvin Jones and whomever just made a ton of contested catches.

I don’t believe that but that’s how I’ve seen it broken down.

rated14th in passes over 20 yards…

That article was posted in May of 2017.

So that info would be from the 2016 season and NOT the 2017 season.

Lol…come on guys. Stafford had a great year in 2017 stat wise. Really no way around it.

Exaclty lol it has Andrew Luck on there, that was the first red flag.