Stanford Wide Receiver Listed as Offensive Player Lions Should Watch

Yep. Pretty obvious fit because of his crazy blocking, FOs are gonna love him, especially ours.


Not sure he’ll be available when we pick. Could definitely see him ending the draft cycle as WR3.

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In general after being a bit disappointed that we didn’t add a WR last draft I’m now once again left impressed with our advanced scouting efforts. Though likely a step down this next WR class will suffice just fine IMO. I guess that shouldn’t surprise me with how college football is played. Perhaps I was scarred by the all Smurf WR draft of 2023.

Quite a few good fits as well.

Yeah I could too. In fact after finally watching him I’ve got him at #3 already. Comfortably. There’s a decent-sized drop to my next tier of Sturdivant, Egbuka, Bond, Brown and Horton. I’m still sky high on Golden too, but there’s more unknown with him as well, and I’m waiting to see what Stewart does this year before really forming much of an opinion. Can’t put him as high as those others yet though.

Wolf won’t like this :wink:

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To me it depends on how much one punishes Egbuka for being a slot with some Z flexibility. Though personally I think he’s more versatile than he’s given credit for.

I admit I’m a little lower on him and it might not be completely fair. I need to go back and watch more of him from two years ago, because based on this past year, well I think he’s a 2nd rounder. Of course THIS year could change all of that. I remain open to it.

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I thought he was terrific in 2022. :man_shrugging:

It’s definitely a certain style of WR which will make his draft stock hard to pin down even if he does ball out this year.

My guess is that with a return to his 2022 level of play he’s a top 25-40 guy. But it wouldn’t surprise me if he went higher to a team that wants their own version of St. or went later bc nobody has a need for a (mostly) slot guy that high in the draft.

I suppose it will depend on what he runs (or what GPS times he logs). The slot types that tend to go that high are usually pretty blazing. Flowers, Ladd, Elijah Moore, Phil Dorsett, Tavon Austin, and I’d count Addison too. I know he technically plays outside a lot for Minny, but that system basically allows for “outside” slot receivers.

JSN is an outlier. And as a prospect a lot of people thought Jefferson was a Z/slot combo, and maybe he kinda still is. Of course he turned out to be pretty fast as well.

Personally that’s how I view Egbuka. Not comparing him to Jefferson just don’t think EE’s really slot only.

You have to keep in mind how big and thick he is compared to most of those guys that you mentioned. To me he looks like he’s probably 210lbs if he’s really 6’1”.

He ran a laser timed 4.42 as a 16 year old at like 190. I think he’ll probably be in that low to mid 4.4 range now at the higher weight.

I like the kid. He’s certainly not as fun to dream on as the Sturdivant, Barrion Brown, Kris Mitchell types but I feel very, very good about Egbuka’s floor.

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A four parter…. that was your most ambitious TWSS yet.

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yeah I do, it’s an interesting thread guess we’ll have to wait and see if our FO picks the kid–or even gets an opportunity to…

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I have no desire to cheer for a Stanford player so I fully support your unfair bias.

yeah @Logy , if he kicks tail then it doesn’t matter what school he played for.