Steelers GM proposes 3 rounds be added to the draft

Good old Kevin Colbert:

As long as they televise it all I’m cool with.

Yeah, they can’t bring-in UDFA’s after the draft. So if they need 3 more rounds of draft to deal with this, then I think it’s a good idea.

I agree except they can’t be traded the extra 3 rd picks. They can be in camp like a UDFA an released an claimed but not traded. Its a one season thing.

I think would be wrong to allow teams to trade the rd 8 pick etc

Great let the kids that were eligible for the 2020 draft that decided to go back to school enter in now…Travis Ettienne :smiley:
Don’t let them hire an agent until drafted and if not drafted they remain an amateur & let them go back to school should they choose to do so without penalty and so they can reenter the draft in 2021 .

Not these now your getting to open.Just ones that are declared for this draft…They will play this fall …my god you want everything to stop … The ones who would not be Drafted let them be in 8,9.10 rounds …Makes it easier on them knowing where they will go when its open.

The ones in school stay an come out next spring like normal…You can adjust do to virus but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel…

Reinvent the wheel ? Travis Ettienne was eligible to come out this year and would have been a high draft choice …He elected to go back to school instead and potentially increase his stock …the College Season is in real jeopardy from what I have read …College is a farm system for the NFL…with no farm to get better being a legit scenario…
Shouldn’t these kids have a choice to not forfeit a years worth of earnings at the NFL based on that ? Not only not getting better with a possible no season in 2020 but also avoiding being idle ?

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Doesn’t matter, Yote. I’m jonesing for sports programming really badly. I’ll take as much as I can get.

Good point. They should reopen early decelerations for a few days. The kids deserve that.

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Exactly …I have no idea how many made this choice but Ettienne did . The situation has changed . How many of the players that made that choice would make the same decision today or when talk of the College season possibly being in jeopardy started. Lot’s of players were not at the combine and lots did not do drills so Ettienne is really no worse off then Dobbins is… should he be able to enter now.


If I’m not mistaken, the number of rounds in the draft is a subject of collective bargaining. They could not expand the draft without the NFLPA’s consent.

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disagree i can see the extra rounds for the normally undrafted but not opening it up You just making it worse an the college season will happen

I am not a sky is falling person its April an the colleges will get there season in . You want to wrap up in bubble wrap you will not even have anything to go back to Sorry but put on big boy pants an get the US back to work an yes you might get sick or you might get hit by a car or just drop dead if heart stops Or your bubble wrap catches fire.sorry but adjust for the UDFA an then let season an colleges start an play not just football start up Baseball an get ready for hockey an basketball an start up car races . You can go or stay home

I agree on getting it all up and running and the points about bubble wrap and big boy pants does not apply to the College level.
College and Pro’s are not similar in what makes them go . No fans in the seats… revenue and a presence is huge in College ball . Kids still remotely learning and no season can exist …Amateur level has liabilities and restraints the pros don’t have .

I do not know the number of how many elected to go back to school but I cant imagine those that wanted to enter this year would be a huge number .

Why not. Expand the rosters by 3 players too!

Isn’t that what the supplemental draft is for?

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No. A players eligibility needs to have changed since the draft . You cant use the supplemental to circumvent the regular. The shopping audience is also a lot smaller and unfair …NFL has people that tell kids to go back to school or to steer them all on the premise of tuning the skills and getting better …if that option to do so is in jeopardy now . then that opportunity turns into a liability .

I just wish they would put the first 3 rounds all in one day again, I hate it being broken up all weekend. I would say who has the time for that but now I guess we all do :confused:


I was thinking about this yesterday. Since there is NO other sports on right now, start the draft on a Saturday at noon and let it roll till like 8pm. Same thing on Sunday. Finish it over 2 long fun days. Everyone goes to the store and gets a quarter barrel for the weekend and we have the best weekend possible.

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Exactly. I see no compelling reason why the union would agree to this. They want fewer rounds, not more. Nothing about the current situation precludes teams from signing UDFAs. Any lack of information on players would affect a draft just as much as FA signings.

Why would they open the draft up for kids that were eligible but chose to go back to school?
It was the kids choice to go back to school.