Steelers GM requested 3 additional rounds for Draft

Teams are concerned about all the extra ??? That covid is causing the eval process leading up to the draft and the impact it will have on undrafted free agents.

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Great let the kids that were eligible for the 2020 draft that decided to go back to school enter in now…Travis Ettienne :smiley:
Don’t let them hire an agent until drafted and if not drafted they remain an amateur & let them go back to school should they choose to do so without penalty and so they can reenter the draft in 2021 .


No just UDFA players from draft have few extra rounds with not trading of picks Stop trying to reinventing the wheel those you want will come out in spring

Reinvent the wheel ? Travis Ettienne was eligible to come out this year and would have been a high draft choice …He elected to go back to school instead and potentially increase his stock …the College Season is in real jeopardy from what I have read …College is a farm system for the NFL…with no farm to get better being a legit scenario…
Shouldn’t these kids have a choice to not forfeit a years worth of earnings at the NFL based on that ? Not only not getting better with a possible no season in 2020 but also avoiding being idle ?