STEM Contest

I have seen public school judges cook the awards at local science fairs. Does anyone really think this took place on a level playing field? What are the odds of this happening? Is this really a good outcome for all of the participants?

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holy sexist batman.

had all boys won it, you wouldn’t have even made this post.

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I can tell you probably don’t have kids, and you are also not James Damore. Just in case there was any confusion.

actually I do have kids and girls mature faster than boys. it doesn’t surprise me if an event has all girls win it, I mean this is middle schoolers. until boys start getting bigger girls can outperform them on the soccer field as well, etc.

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Good, how many, what are their ages and sexes?

I’m getting an epstein vibe from you.

So you don’t have kids.
I figured that. You don’t really know much about what kids are being exposed to in public schools. I have a decent sense of what is being laid down in the school system. At least in Colorado.
My wife is a primary teacher and I presently have 3 boys in public schools.
This kind of mission creep of social justice is many times, demoralizing for some kids.

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Maybe boys are just dumber than in previous generations.

I have 2 girls one is in her 20s the other is a junior in high school. and my point still stands. that stem contest is won by all boys you don’t say one word.

That’s not a point. That’s stinky swamp gas not based on any data.

Yeah, I probably wouldn’t have said a word because it would not have been a SJW article in a nice little web site called Bored Panda, written by a Millenial named Andželika Jasevičiūtė.