Still can't believe non of the media picked this up on the last TD

did not score a TD Over head video and the side angle tell the story 000000111|281x500

When the Lions stood him up in the video look at the still picture. Down, No TD

This game will leave a bad taste until they can get on the field vs. GB. Hopefully it galvanizes them as a team. They played their hearts out and lost and one play here or there could have put them over the top. But now I think they must truly believe they can beat any team in the league if they just do their jobs. And that is a big deal. It will surely help position them to play up to their divisional opponents - and if they take care of business within the division and can stay reasonably healthy they are a threat in the playoffs IMO.


He scored on the play before and they missed it.

I don’t see why people keep harping on this, it isn’t even in the top 3 calls that went against us.

I was happy he scored, I was hoping they called a TD on the first attempt…gives Stafford more time on offense. Imagine if we had an extra 30 seconds to score.

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