Still massive holes on the roster

Makes me worried about how many holes are still on the roster. With only 3 top 100 picks in the draft and ~$25m in cap space.

Safety 3 (Current Brandon Jospeh)
NT1 (Current Bro Mart)
DE 2 (Current Pascael/Houston/Comish/Davenport)
LG 1 (Current Awusika/Sorsdal)
WR3 (Current Raymond)

You click baiting us bro? Every team has needs at the end of the season. These are pretty easy shoes to fill imo

There’s also cuts made after the preseason


That’s an extremely short list bro haha


LG is the biggest priority for me at this point, then DL players.


Short list sure.

But again 3 draft picks and $25m.

And Brad isnt known for drafting for NEED. vs BPA.

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No F-ing S–t there are still holes on the roster. We’ve done nothing but waste money on wheelchair rollers. We were a super bowl contender Sunday. Now we aren’t even the favorite in our division.

Thanks, Brad!

Yup - also…factor in which positions they are, and the potential x-factor guys that could possibly step into them.

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Almost no team fills all of its holes in a single offseason. The cap won’t let them. And as soon as they fill the last hole, another one opens up. The Niners can come closest since they’re paying $38.12 for Purdy, which is why a legit starting QB on a rookie contract is such a coveted thing.

Every team throughout the season has flaws. Every single one. That’s how the league set it up and that’s how it will always be.


I would agree with you but the holes at DT and DE have been an issue for 3 years now. And aside from Hutch and McNeil. Theres been no one thats turned into a true starter.

Its gonna be DE by committee and that will never really work against playoff teams

Did we lose to LA Rams?
Did we lose to TB Bucs?


Exactly! It worked well enough to get us to the superbowl, if not for an insane amount of dropped balls by our WRs and an uncharacteristic Gibby fumble.

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It worked twice last season so technically that’s not true, but of course I get what you’re saying. Would be nice to have stability there

Arguably the 2 of the worst teams in the NFC playoffs.

We lost to SF. And would have lost to KC.

Have the lions gotten better? No.

CB yes improved.
Safety Lateral move.
LB. Same
DE. Lateral move.
DT. Worse

OL Worse
TE same
WR worse
RB same.

Rams were better than a couple of those teams imo and the Bucs weren’t worse than the Eagles or Dallas.

I mean, I think a lot of us settled in on Benito because he showed up for us after Buggs left…but the dude was one of the worst DTs in the league last year. It’s basically addition by subtraction. BroMart may actually be an upgrade over him after this offseason.

Arguably, the truth is you have no idea. Neither do I.

But remember we still have another way to add players, and it just so happens to be the thing Brad’s best at. Keep the faith. We will not get tied down to any potentially bad contracts. You’re just gonna have to get used to it.

I have 0 trust in bro mart when he played a grand total of 28 out of ~1300 (2.15%) snaps last year. If he is so good he would have played more.


Oh, I don’t trust BroMart, don’t get it twisted. I’m just saying, it’s hard to get worse at DT when your starter is one of the worst in the league:

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we beat them, if memory serves me correctly

This is the equivalent of a teacher handing out a test, collecting the test when it is halfway completed, saying you get a 50%, so your GPA is now worse.
The offseason (the test) is only halfway complete. talk about backwards thinking, bro…geez. a whole lot of bypassing to get to this conclusion. OF COURSE we’re not where we’re supposed to be yet.

talk about bitching for the sake of bitching?

Holmes will upgrade OL & DL (some form within…Bro-Mart will surprise), & the rest will look better as a result.