Still shocked we didn't pick up Jamie Collins

Seems like he could have helped a lot here. He is playing pretty for so far for the Patriots. We he have just been redundant because of what we have in Tavai? Or do we want a team full of LBs like him?

This article is what triggered my thoughts.

For some reason everyone plays better there.

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I see what you did there :slight_smile:

I was going to say that matt Patricia would get the best out of him, after all he was his d coordinator. But that’s what you want me to say so you can diss the Trey flowers acquisition. One step ahead of ya buddy!

P.S. I have powers, I can read your mind.

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Ok. Just saying the truth. You’re right not a fan of Flowers. He isn’t a big play maker. Like a Watt, Mack, and a lot of players. He isn’t worth the money he is making.

Didn’t he just have a sack, 8 tackles and like 6 QB hurries?


How many behind the line of scrimmage? I think kennard was the one who got the sack, and Flowers was there to help.

Hell read the game thread, no body thought Flowers was there all day.

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How many of his 6 QB hurries were behind the line of scrimmage?

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  1. Flowers is coming back from an offseason injury.
  2. He didn’t play in preseason.
  3. He has never been a sack guy (7.5 last year was his career high).
  4. You can tell his game legs are coming back and every week is making more plays.
  5. You can’t judge if he is “worth” the money they paid him on a 3 game window to start the reason. He has a huge locker room impact and if you remember last year there were alot of people saying vets weren’t buying in to Matt’s philosophy, this year the team is buying in the they are playing cohesively and care about each other…Flower’s presence helps that maturation. Lets see how the next 13 games play out.

*I was hoping for Collins to end up in Detroit as well. I guess Matt felt comfortable with Tavai and Christian Jones??


Oh yeah… Christian Jones, forgot about him. I think/hope he is the next LB replaced. I would much rather have Jamie Collins than him. I think he would have been cheaper too.

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This is what I saw, even in his first interview. Flowers absolutely believes. He’s super-humble and wants to just come to work and kill it. Very centered in his truth and believes in himself, Patricia, and what we’re doing here. You get enough dudes with that attitude, and it helps a ton. They feed off of each other. That unit has underperformed (based only on my expectations), but they’ve done some things great too. Against KC and PHI, they did a great job of not letting the QB get outside, instead forcing them up field. We are keeping contain on mobile QBs and forcing them to the help. If our guys miss, it’s not going to be up the sideline for 35 yards, but to the inside where there is help. Nice containment rush, instead of straight line to QB.

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