Still think Antonio Brown was A good deal? For a third and fifth

You get 1 out of 12 ota’s, cryogenic frostbite, threats to retire over his helmet which is banned by the NFL. Pure cancer.


I’d love to see someone try and defend him lol

They can not defend him, which is why he is worth the headaches.:grin:

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I loved reading that he tried to sneak his old Pittsburgh helmet in by repainting in Raiders colors, and it didn’t work because he didn’t have the colors quite right. It’s black and silver dude. You need the safest helmet possible if you can’t get that right. You don’t want those last healthy brain cells to turn into scar tissue.

I would have used some of my many millions to have a professional repaint the helmet for me, if I were such a diva. Which I’m pretty sure I’m not. I’ve never arrived at work in a hot air balloon and expected my coworkers and boss to act like it’s no big deal.


I’d bet you can’t even fly one of those…

What’s worse is that he can keep the freaking helmet, it just needs to be re-certified.

Dude is stupider than pond sludge.

Angie’s List dude. C’mon…

Maybe Etsy.

From everything I read, that’s incorrect. The model of the helmet he wants to use is banned by the league.


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His helmet was not eligible for recertification, that was part of the problem.

Dude needs to find the helmet equivalent of the old Japanese guy who hand crafts swords for only the most worthy of warriors.

I was under the impression he could still certify that model, just not HIS particular helmet.

Either way, just ridiculous. I’m sort of miffed that they didn’t really do it justice in Hard Knocks.

Dude doesn’t need a helmet with his head stuck in his own ass.

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Waste - I would much rather run the younger Golliday, with the less expensive Jones.

Let’s spend that money on OL, or we will need a new stable of RBs and a QB next year.

A Hattori Hanzo helmet it would be?

The model is discontinued. So the trick is finding one…but also finding one that qualifies to be recertified (most of them do not). It’s good to go ahead and have the fight now because even the ones they found are so old he could only use them for a season or so. Then he’s right back in the same boat.

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Well, they found one, so they tested it.

Aaannnnnd it failed.

Brown has countered with another one of his favorite models.