STOP The Blame Game!

We know the sad state of things here in Detroit. Yet sitting around being miserable old fucks crying about who’s to blame/who’s at fault, does not help, it , gets us no where and changes nothing. It’s not healthy for us all to be that ingrained in WHO done it !?/ fighting about it.

Man Thanksgiving is here ! relax and enjoy, visit, laugh, eat, watch football, rest…help your woman clean up after the big meal, she will be thankful. we knew it was going to blow this season…but now your mad it is? enjoy the blessings, especially those that have women and children.

If your single/ alone? do things that make you happy. Hope you all have a SAFE very nice Holiday !


I’ve already masterbated, now I’m bored.


get a pizza


I’m not mad I just think.

Dan Campbell has coached himself off the team.


Yeah, we should definitely let these people who make millions to run our favorite team into the ground off the hook because reasons.

This is my haven. I googled grief support groups and the first thing that came up was The Den.


If they can give Patricia 3 years to turn a winning team into a team with over spent cap and a cupboard that is bare, I have no problem seeing what happens once we get to go shopping again and have the benefit of another draft.


Dan and them did not run the team into the ground ! that was Matt Patricia & Bob Quinn, they left scraps for DC , Holmes and the rest to try to help…newsflash, they built a light foundation but never completed the work before season was here and started THEN they put out the ONLY team they had on hand to play this season…and we got our butts kicked. AS EXPECTED. but guess that isn’t good enough bc bitching about it is far more fun—right !?


Let’s play the blame game, I love you more
Let’s play the blame game for sure

Musical masterpiece.

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Very smart post.
In summary, let go of your anger addictions…CHOOSE to reach for more happiness…focus on things that make you happy…stop projecting onto other humans and trying to enmesh them in your energy, honor each other…AND YOURSELF!

Experiencing the world as peace is such a gift for to give yourself


You don’t seem to mind blaming Goff for his part, why can’t we blame others if that’s our opinion ?

I mean when it comes to the team we can be thankful we got one (Kinda) .

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Why would you blame any players, you have to catchup with the fact that it’s owners fault not anybody else’s.

So it’s the owners fault when Goff throws for 5 yrds and misses anyone over that. Or because we don’t have a starting WR on this team, I believe the owner ask why we weren’t drafting one.

The fords have always did exactly what the fans and media ask for, fans just never like the results of what they ask for. They fired Caldwell our only winning coach in over 50 years because people hated the look on his face. Some of there worst hires were fan favorites. mooch, Marnelli, Quinn and even Patricia.

Yes its owners fault when they sign poor players that are not good. Yes this roster is the Fords fault you just proved it with the worst hires that they do for everybody else. They put trust in not known people who havnt been successful at top positions. Players in NFL ARE good but it takes good coaching to make them great, And great front office people to set franchise focus with goals without question. The Fords agreed to trade Stafford , what they got in return was bad advice by somebody that had never been in charge of an organization. They always think they are somehow smarter and think they can find the Diamond, getting it wrong,over and over.Whats it been 60yrs?

The Fords have NOT done everything the fans asked for. We asked for a winning product/team , we asked for QUALITY leadership , knowledgeable , experienced individuals to run the Detroit Lions, we never got that…sure there are other things we asked for but didn’t get to many others here probably can tell you better than I. but IF the Fords did what WE wanted and asked for, WE should have A bowl…we don’t.

We shall see. I think Iffy will evolve into a damn fine starter. 2 more picks to go, as well!

Whole lot of wrong in this post.

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Stop reading here , owners are not picking or signing they just pay after it’s done.

You must think the Lions have done well sometime, most fans do not agree that this is a good ownership. In all buisness it starts at top,I’m sure you know that, that’s all you can say about failure, management continues failure. Doesn’t make them bad they are good in community just very poor owners. Nothing wrong in post,it’s just unfair to the fans, this is what we expect to discuss year after year.

Not really one you have to use to replace Goff. Plus you have eat his cap. You guys keep raving over these magic beans but you still have to get a QB hell that could end up costing you 2 of them 1st beans.