This is the best thing that could’ve happened to us. We were the greatest thing since the wheel and sliced bread after beating the Chiefs.

  1. Happy to Hear coach say we got served humble pie and hutch say it was a wake up call
  1. Stop hating on Gibby, he’s a 15 touch guy that what he does that’s who he is
  2. How good are Raymond & Reynolds

I hoped the Seahawks would jump out to a 10 point lead early in the game, so we could roar back by half. Didn’t happen until the 2nd half and we roared back to tie it.
Lose a coin flip in OT and that’s that.

Let me recap this team loss so everyone get off the ledge and stop the blame game.

SHEEESH SOL FANS. Y’all didn’t even pass the 1st level. The first speed bump. The first test ya’ll crumble. Do better Lions Fans.

You don’t want SOL then stop being SOL fans.

  1. Worried about Blue Masks, extra few days off to tell the world how great we are and we’re gonna whoop the seahwks by 50. The team we can never beat. YEAH OK

  2. 14-7 Half.

a) Fumble you give them 7 pts
b) Pick 6 you give them 7 pts
c) MCDC bad gamble on our 40 give them 7 pts

We gave them 21 of their 31. Get off Glenn man. This is a team loss

I will never hate on Dan for rolling the dice.

We won KC because of this. I’m ok with going for it instead of kicking the FG and not getting it. Play the odds that’s who we are .

The going for it on our own 40 when we got a weapon in FOX…well that was a call I’m sure MCDC would like to have back.

Yes we let them march down the field in OT…but it was the 3rd Quarter we beat ourselves.

EDIT: And crying about the refs is played out. the NFL is registered as a sports entertainment business. Get over it. Overcome the “grey area calls” and the 12th man Referees if you wanna win. Against all odds that’s it


The fact that this team needs to lose in order to make them take it seriously says a lot more about the team, and it’s not positive.



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Time will tell if this loss was good or not. However, I find it interesting that the Lions losing in any capacity to any team is simply unacceptable. Yes, it was at home, but Seattle is a good team. They made the playoffs last year and Geno Smith is a pro bowl caliber QB.

I think it was the perfect storm for the Lions to lose. The win at KC was a bit of fools gold and Seattle losing to LA Rams (who turns out isn’t as bad as everyone thought), probably led to an over confident bunch of Lions. It certainly had fans on this board a little over-confident.


A little?


We will go undefeated. Seattle doesn’t count. Put an asterisk after it.

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I had us 0-2 to start the season and finishing 11-5

We still ahead of the game after week 2 in my book.


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We didn’t lose because we were over confident. We lost because some of our same problems persist.

Glenn is a bad defensive coordinator. Our back up offensive lineman suck (Nelson getting blown up caused that pick six). Campbell sometimes makes horrible decisions. Players committing dumb penalties.

Gardner-Johnson’s penalty was a difference between a touchdown and field goal. That’s four points that could of change the outcome of the game.


That was a BS call.


My only concern is no pass rush !!

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it was more legit than the PI we were called for


Coach Campbell & Hutch blatantly say otherwise. Right from the horses mouth. And I agree with them. I even expected it to happen.

10 days & an offseason of telling the world we are the champions after beating Rodgers & Mahomes in primetime

Lions still win the division.

Chicago is (to put it politely) just bad.
Green Bay beat a bad Chicago and lost to Atlanta.
Minnesota has an excellent passing offense but they forgot there are other components to football.

Win the division and get srronger as the season goes on.


We lost because we turned the ball over 3 times. Honestly amazed it took Seattle going to OT to win it. You turn the ball over 3-0 and it should be a blow out.


There was three PI penalties that were bogus. I would take the K.C. refs over those refs any day. Sure K.C. offensive lineman got away with some stuff but it sure is better than having refs that suck the joy out of the game.


The problem with the loss is it was the same old crap from DC. The fake punt against the Chiefs was dumb as shit. Yeah it worked but so what…faking a punt at your own 18 just to get it at the 21 doesn’t result in points. We could pick up 3 more firsts downs and still punt. Then he doesn’t kick a FG that would’ve been a ~48 yarder early in the game. Put some god damn points on the board! We are at home. Don’t give a road team any moment with a 4th down stop. THEN, he does it again at his own 45 up 4 on a 4th and 5.

That’s why I am so irritated. This is piss poor decision making by our HC. He is putting his team in situations that are completely unnecessary to win ball games. I love DC and his attitude, leadership, and mentality. He’s trying too hard to emphasize this 100% of the time. He wants so bad to be this team that goes against the grain and outside the norm. He’s going to fail if he keeps doing what he’s doing in these spots. Being a good coach is more than just being a good leader. We have a good team now…these reckless decisions are about the dumbest thing he can do. Does he even realize it?

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  1. I don’t hate Gibby. I highly question the draft pick. That’s on Brad not Gibby.
  2. Glenn sucks.
  3. As for Dan, you don’t ask the dealer to hit you when you have 17 points. That’s not aggressive, it’s dumb.
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Great post Jmann. I appreciate you my man.

I’m on vacation…so blame me.

Quick story. Last year (October 9th) I did a rim to rim hike at the Grand Canyon. 21 miles from South Kabab to North Kabab (6000 ft climb from canyon floor or 4 Empire State buildings including the spire). Due to significant climate changes during the hike I wore three different Lions shirts since they were playing New England that day. I thought my GRIT mojo with such an arduous journey would help the Lions against MP and the Patriot way (who can pound sand straight to hell). But Nope, the Lions got hammered.

Yesterday I was wandering around on a much smaller hike, once again repping the Lions with one of my favorite Lions shirts. But noooo, Three turnovers and an OT loss.

Next Sunday I’m still on vacation. We’ll have moved on from our current location to Munich for October Fest. So no hiking and I won’t wear anything Lions.

I hope it works. My bad

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That’s how good we are. We still had the game under control for almost 3 quarters of it. Turnovers happen. Horrendous coaching decisions should not.